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National Eczema Awareness Week 2016

National Eczema Awareness Week 2016

Eczema is a common problem for little ones, with the skin condition affecting at least 10% of children at some stage, according to The British Skin Foundation.

Though it often can be hereditary, irritants and 'nasties' can also trigger flare-ups, causing uncomfortable inflammation and dry skin.

Unable to communicate their discomfort, horrible constant itching can be very distressing for babies and equally frustrating for parents who try countless ointments and remedies to keep flare-ups at bay.

For this week's National Eczema Awareness Week, we sought advice from Southampton Princess Anne Hospital midwife, Michelle Comrie, whose top tips can help sooth your baby's eczema:

1. Whilst the gold standard for cleansing new born skin for the first four weeks of life is cotton wool and water, for a more convenient option, I would suggest using a chemical free baby wipe made with purified and softened water, such as WaterWipes. The water is purified by reverse osmosis and the only other ingredient is grapefruit seed extract (0.1%) which is renowned for being a natural skin conditioner.
Water Wipes

2. For those in hard water areas, use a small amount of emollients at bath time which helps to maintain the moisture barrier.

3. After bathing your baby, always moisturise the skin with a leave-on emollient, helping to avoid dryness or irritation to the skin.

4. Hotter temperatures can lead to sweating, which can exacerbate eczema. Try and keep your baby's bedroom cool and avoid wool, polyester and nylon fabric.

5. Many babies might react to allergens found in common household soaps, laundry detergents and fabric softeners. Always look for hypoallergenic, fragrance-free products to minimise flare-ups and itching

National Eczema Awareness week is 17 – 25 September; for more information, visit www.eczema.org

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