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How to Practice Yoga (without hiring a babysitter)

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You wake up bright and early on Saturday morning. Today is the day I go to yoga, you say to yourself.

You're tired, but you know an hour stretching out on the mat will do you a lot of good. You'll feel more relaxed and less stressed, and you're looking forward to a blissful hour to simply focus on yourself. Then it happensÂ… the thing that always happens. Because whenever you plan to practice yoga or meditate or do something for yourself, said plans tend to fall apart. Maybe your babysitter had to cancel or your partner had to work late and needs a sleep in. There are countless reasons, but the point is you didn't make it to your yoga class. Again.

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't even have to leave your house to go to your yoga studio? Wouldn't it be great if your yoga studio came to you?

Free Online Yoga Classes
Yoga at home

You're in luck, mums and dads, because there's an online yoga studio that does exactly that: Yogaia, the world's first interactive online yoga studio.

A membership at Yogaia gives you access to 100+ new live and on-demand yoga classes every week, which you can attend from your living room, office, gardenÂ… practically anywhere!

Unlike regular online yoga classes, Yogaia's live classes give you the option to turn on your webcam to receive personal, real-time tips and guidance from world-class yoga teachers. Plus, all live classes are recorded, so even if you miss a live class you can practise along with your favourite teachers anytime you want.

A Few Reasons To Love Yogaia:

Bullet  It's super convenient. When it comes to practising yoga with an experienced teacher, it doesn't really get easier than this. Just roll out your yoga mat on your living room floor, turn on Frozen to keep the kids busy and join your favourite class.
Bullet  Get your alignment right from the start. Since your teacher can see you while you practice in live classes, receive personal instruction on how to modify your alignment to ensure you're getting the most of of your class.
Bullet  Experiment with different styles and teachers. From Gentle Flow to Power Flow, Guided Meditation to Pilates, there are countless classes for you to try in the comfort of your own home. With so many wonderful teachers to choose from, you'll quickly find the perfect classes for you!

Step On Your Yoga Mat & Stand Up Against Child Marriage!

If that wasn't enough reason to try Yogaia, from 30th October your new favourite yoga studio is donating £1 for every person who attends their free charity class towards girls' education in developing countries. It's all part of their “Step on the mat, stand up against child marriage” campaign in support of Plan International's mission to advance children's rights and equality for girls all over the world.
Yogaia on your phone

Their aim is to get 3000 yogis on the mat, so let's come together to send positive energy to these girls and ultimately raise funds to give them the education they deserve and desperately need!

Free Online Yoga Classes Gift – FREE Yogaia Membership!

Great news! We have a Gift Code that allows you to test Yogaia for one week for free! 3 Easy Steps To Free Online Yoga with Yogaia
1) Sign up at yogaia.com/signup
2) Go to Settings >> Membership at the MyYogaia page.
3) Add your gift code BABYWEB2016
Now you have unlimited access to all Yogaia classes for 1 week!
Act now. The gift code is valid only until end of November 2016.

See you on the mat then?
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