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Eczema Treatment

Emollients are recognised by experts as being the most important treatment for eczema, particularly in babies and children under 12

In practice though many parents know that using emollient treatments effectively can be difficult, meaning the full benefits are not always achieved.

In fact, a new survey by the National Eczema Society and E45 has recently revealed the common mistakes parents make when applying emollients;

Bullet  Almost half of mums only apply emollient creams and ointments to the affected areas of their child's skin1, when medical guidance from the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends that to get the best results from emollients treatments they should be applied to the whole body, even when their child's skin appears clear of eczema

Bullet  The survey also highlighted that many parents could be hampering the effect of these treatments by the way they apply them , over one in two 'rub' creams and ointments into their child's skin which can actually make eczema worse by irritating the skin. Cream should always be 'stroked' onto the skin in the direction of the hair growth

Bullet  Over a third of mums said they only apply emollient cream to their child's skin when eczema flairs when in fact they should be applying cream at least twice a day for optimum results

Bullet  Almost half of parents want better support to help them manage their child's eczema from their GP

Following the research E45 have developed a new online Eczema Advice Programme with support from the National Eczema Society. Margaret Cox, Chief executive of the NES comments “The management of eczema is an ongoing process, while parents need support and education to use emollient treatments correctly, it's also important to manage their expectations of the results they can expect so they don't give up as soon as they encounter a setback. We feel really positive that the new Eczema Advice Programme will really help parents improve treatment outcomes and consequently quality of life for both them and their child.”

The Eczema Advice Programme has already had some fantastic results with 9 out of 10 parents saying they feel more in control of their child's eczema since joining and 81 per cent recording an improvement in their child's eczema symptoms.

September 2012
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