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The Fortina Spa Resort in Malta

Fortina Spa Resort in Malta

Goodness me, sunny Malta seems such a long time ago now. I don't know why I'm surprised as it's always like that with holidays isn't it?

You have a fab week away and then the minute you're back home, the hurly-burly of everyday life takes over and it's as if that week of sunshine and pure relaxation never actually happened.

Our break in Malta & Gozo this Summer ranks as one of our most relaxing breaks and if you can possibly manage to wangle a babysitter for a few days then try and work out a way to go to The Fortina Spa Resort.

Call up your Mum or MIL and see if they'll take the little ones for a Granny-Sleepover so you and your other half can have a bit of much-needed time away without the children.

A bit of Us-Time to recharge the couple-batteries can only be good for a relationship.

Having children brings you closer together but paradoxically looking after them leaves you little time to spend together, just you two.

We flew to Malta with a very punctual Monarch Airlines who managed to get us there ahead of schedule and even delivered us home early at

the end of our break - so much for all the media scaremongering about airport delays over the main holiday season!

The Fortina Spa Resort is a 5 Star resort next door to the Fortina Hotel on the harbour-front in a bustling Sliema.

We checked-in in the middle of the night too tired to do anything other than marvel at the size of the Spa Bedroom before dropping straight off to sleep.

We set the alarm to wake us for breakfast and when we woke up and looked out of the window at the sunshine, blue skies and spotless pools meandering below, we knew we were in for a great holiday.

Our room seemed to be equipped with more gadgets & gizmos and whozits & whatzits than Disney could ever have imagined and to be honest at the end of our 4 day break we still weren't entirely sure what half of them were for?!

Behind our bed we had a massive jacuzzi sparkling with fairy-lights and that in itself was exciting enough for me.

But when I went out onto our balcony and walked up the spiral staircase I was nearly beside myself to discover we had our own private pool and rooftop garden.

This genuinely made our holiday as it was so peaceful and private - perfect for lying in the sunshine reading and snoozing.

No worries about securing a sunbed early in the morning as there were two beds and only two of us - Yay!

To be honest though I don't think there were any sunbed-wars at the Fortina anyway - it seemed way too civilised for that!

I digress - back to our bedroom..... there really was so much in it, it was unbelievable.

There was a shower/sauna where we could cover ourselves in mud (kindly provided!), if we were so inclined, and 'steam' it off to cleanse our skin.

There was another massaging spa bath and something called a Dermalife Detox Machine.

Now we did get as far as reading the instructions for this but because it was so hot when we were in Malta, neither of us could summon up any enthusiasm to try it out.

Basically as far as we could see, you rubbed some concotion all over your body and then lay down in the machine and cooked yourself for a while.

The aim being to drop a few pounds. Not my cup-of-tea at all I'm afraid as I'm way too sceptical about this sort of thing.

Surely you lose a bit of weight because you sweat lots but then you're so hot and dehydrated that you drink to compensate and hey presto, the weight's back where it started? Or not?

And as for the detoxing properties of the DermaLife Machine - who knows?!

I wasn't a fan of the decor particularly at The Fortina Spa as I personally prefer a more contemporary look.

Having said that, our room was huge, clean, well-equipped and extremely comfortable so I'm not complaining.

As far as dining is concerned at The Fortina you're really spoilt for choice, with Mediterranean (Taste), Italian (Il Giardino), Japanese (Morobishi), Indian (Sa Re Ga Ma) and Chinese/Thai (Can Thai).

Set around the pool area you can choose whether to dine al-fresco or inside the restaurants.

We found to our disappointment that it's a good idea to book your table in plenty of time, as they are all very popular and seating is limited.

We visited both the Italian and the Indian restaurants while we were there and both offered delicious, well-cooked food paired with excellent service on both occasions.

We were lucky to get tables outside where the warm evening air complemented the excellent dining perfectly.

It really is a nice place to spend your evening and don't get me started on the huge choice of great cocktails!

It was the private rooftop pool though which was the undoubted highlight of our Malta holiday and it's set the bar pretty high for choosing future holiday destinations.

I don't know yet where we'll be going next year, but I'm fairly sure that at some point in the not too dim and distant, we'll be returning to Malta.

Spa bedrooms at Fortina Spa Resort start from just £799 per person sharing, for seven nights on a half-board basis, including return flights and airport transfers.

Book with Spa Travel on 0800 917 3001 or find out more at www.fortinasparesort.com . We flew with Monarch Airlines from East Midlands airport.

by Kathryn Crawford, Editor of TheBabyWebsite.com

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