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Shopping with your baby has never been so easy!


What can I say, finally there is an answer to being able to shop with a little one... or two in tow!

The Binxy is a fantastic little bit of kit which is comfy and versatile. You can either pop your little one in it, or put the whole car seat in it.

I can hear you saying... 'Oh but it's more to carry!' Yes, that is true. But the Binxy is so small and light and it folds up really neatly.

Once you have one, you won't know how you coped before.

We've all seen people with the car seat either balanced on the child seat part of the trolley, or in the trolley itself taking out valuable shopping space. It's a wonder it took so long for someone to come up with a safe alternative but FINALLY there is one. 

I'm not to sure how safe it would be putting a tiny newborn in, just because there is no support for their tiny head.

But  it is designed for children from birth until they can sit upright unassisted - so that's up to you.

The Binxy is designed to fit an infant car seat up to 50 pounds so you can always use this option if your little one isn't the perfect size for the Binxy.

Either way, they will be lovely and comfy!

The Binxy is unrolled, clipped over the cart sides, and then the velcro holds it in place.

It is very secure once in place so your little one wont be able to roll over or rock out of it!

If you have two little bundles of joy with you then you are in luck, you can fit the Binxy side by side so you can pop them each in.

It would be beyond me how to go shopping without this.

The main question would be, would I recommend this and does it make life easier? 

The answer would have to be Yes.

Definitely Yes


Do you want to get one? No problem, click HERE


Binxy Baby


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