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myhotel Brighton - a Boutique Hotel With a Difference

Myhotel Brighton

myhotel Brighton can be found in the city's Jubilee Street in the North Laine area and I've got to say that we've never been to a hotel quite like it.

It's fun, quirky, clean, individual and everything about it is 'spot-on'.

Our bedroom was what I'd call minimalist but at the same time had absolutely everything you could need including a thingummybob for the iPod.

The strangest thing was seeing the bed, at an angle, in the middle of the room.

We were assured it was all to do with the Feng Shui as were the curved walls with inset crystals which glowed different colours at various times of the day.

The floor to ceiling windows and white walls made it a lovely, bright room and the window seat made people-watching over the vibrant Brighton streets below a must-do!

myhotel was most definitely a unique and very tactile place and more than once I found myself likening its walls and surfaces to those onyx eggs that once upon a time every wannabee interior designer nonchalantly left hanging around on coffee tables for their dinner-party guests to pick up, stroke and 'ooh and ahh' over.

The BeeKind bath products were lovely and the fact that they came in eco-friendly cartons rather than wasteful bottles gave them a bit of extra kudos.

Although Brighton is packed full of bars of all shapes and sizes, the Merkaba Cocktail Bar at myhotel was one of the best bars I've ever been to.

It had a lovely, laid-back ambience and like our room was all curved walls and extravagant pewter surfaces which I found myself stroking more than once.

The staff in the bar were really friendly, knowledgeable and happy to oblige our whims.

We tried their VIP Cocktail which as well as being exceedingly drinkable, packed one helluva punch!

The Merkaba cocktails are all made from fresh ingredients so your Mojito doesn't come from a sickly mix out of a pack but is all about the fresh mint.

One of the concoctions I tried - let's be fair noone can just drink one cocktail, can they? - was made with fresh strawberries, passion-fruit and grapefruit and I could taste every single ingredient although for some obscure reason, I can't remember what alcohol was in it.

The music in Merkaba was fun too - not so loud as to be intrusive when we wanted to chat but loud enough for it not to fall into the 'lift-music' trap.

On the Sunday night we were there, a shed-load of 80's tunes were rolled out one after another, evoking many memories and making us all feel very nostalgic.

myhotel Brighton is what I'd call a small, luxury hotel and it has that balance of casualness, openness and excellent service which many of the big chains fail to ever achieve.

That old style of fawning service in a stuffy, formal library of a hotel bar where guests whisper instead of laughing aloud is gradually falling by the way-side but there are still way too many hotel bars where this is the norm.

We modern hotel guests want to have a laugh with the bloke we order our G&Ts from.

We want the receptionist to be friendly and chatty as well as efficient at check-in and at MyHotel this is what we got.

Continental Breakfast in Table was included in our rate and was perfectly adequate.

I can't comment on any of the 'extras' at breakfast as I only went for the fresh croissants and cereal but the coffee was good and plentiful and again the service was good.

At breakfast I don't want staff hovering round me asking me every two minutes if I want anything.

I'm not a morning-person anyway and as long as I get my coffee when I sit down then I'm easily pleased.

It was a lovely, airy restaurant with a coffee-shop feel to it and was 'just right'.

Would we go back to myhotel Brighton - too right we would?

It's exactly what I want from a hotel with lots of fun extras thrown-in for good measure.

In fact, we have to go to London in the New Year and I've already bookmarked the London MyHotels!

Kathryn Crawford
December 2009

myhotel Brighton
17 Jubilee Street
Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1GE

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