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How to pack when travelling with children

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When traveling with your children, you must consider things that might affect them, during your vacation. Although some things might seem trivial or obvious, proper planning or lack thereof of things like food, sleeping arrangements, entertainment and security can significantly affect the quality of your trip. Below are useful tips to consider when traveling with children.


First aid kit

While traveling, anything can occur. Always carry a first aid kit that is fully equipped. Children are likely to have a fever, stomachaches or even cuts while traveling and they could happen at any time. Carrying a fully equipped first aid kit will help in administering first aid to your kids before going to the hospital or nearby chemist.

In case the children are on medication, pack their medicine in separate and original packages, then label with their names and dosage. Traveling might be tiresome, and you may end up giving kids the wrong drugs. Labeling makes it easier to remember which medicine belongs to which kid.


Toys that they love

Do not forget to carry anything that your child loves as it helps calm them down and stay relaxed. For example, if your child is a doll has a favorite doll or toy car, make sure that you include it in your luggage. Alternatively, go shop for another doll with your kid, and buy whatever he/she will like. A familiar object makes a strange environment comfortable, making the child feel safe.


Dirt clothes

Despite the fact that you might be visiting clean areas, it is certain that kids will end up dirty while playing. You should pack jeans and dark-colored clothes for your child. These kinds of materials conceal dirt, unlike bright-colored clothes that show even the slightest dirt. If the travel will be for a few days and you have no plans for doing laundry, bring two to three outfits for each day.


Spill-proof cups

If you don't have spill-proof sippy cups for your kids, buy a couple before you embark on your trip. Spill proof sippy cups help liquids stay in the cups, avoiding incidences of spillage on the children's clothes that might be uncomfortable for your child. Remember, discomfort makes kids cranky, a recipe for disaster during a trip.



Traveling can be dehydrating especially in hot and arid areas. It is paramount to stay hydrated during your trip, as dehydration can be life threatening. Carry plenty of healthy liquids especially water for your child. Be careful, however, not to exceed the stipulated amount of liquids while traveling by plane.


Wrap the toys

If you have little kids, You must have noticed that their attention for new toys lasts for a short time. You must be creative, so as to keep the little ones occupied and entertained.  When the child gets bored with the toy, wrap it up, and give it to them when they start getting cranky. You will notice the instant excitement it brings them each time you unwrap the toy.


Finally, remember to be sensible when packing toys. If you're traveling by plane or other public means, be considerate of your fellow passengers. Avoid loud or toys that have bright lights.


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