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The personalised children’s book as unique as your little one

The personalised children’s book as unique as your little one

MAKE your child the star of their own bedtime story with the new book from Chapterful.



Where Next, Teddy? sees children take centre stage in their own night-time adventure. Not only will the story be personalised with the protagonist’s name featured throughout, the main character will be customised depending on the recipient’s features, including hair colour and whether they wear glasses. There is also the option to add a wheelchair.

The story will take your little one into the furthest reaches of space, the depths of the deep blue sea and just about everywhere in between. Along the way they will meet polar bears, hot-air balloon pilots and parrots as the dreamtime adventure continues.


Written by Emily Shore, with illustrations by Hédi Fekete, Where Next, Teddy? is available in softback, hardback and deluxe finishes.

Prices are £16.95 for the softback, £21.95 for the hardback and £25.95 for the deluxe finish.


Personalise yours today at chapterful.com


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