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Wireless Gadgets and Technology

Wireless Gadgets and Technology

How good is it for your child?

A website called wiredchild will help you decide whether to give your child a mobile phone, and when, and how to reduce their risk if they have one.

The mobile culture is a blessing to any busy parent.

The truth might surprise you, because the manufacturers have repeatedly assured us that wireless gadgets are safe as houses. But studies going on behind the scenes are revealing the risks to children – and the younger they are, the greater those risks.

Whether it is a baby slumbering next to a wireless alarm or a child using a mobile phone, children’s bodies are much more sensitive than ours to the effects of the radiation given off by all these hands-free gadgets.

Amid all the reassurances that they are safe, how do you get to the truth (the one the manufacturers don’t want you to hear)? How do you weigh up the risks and benefits in the face of such conflicting messages? What are the alternatives or ways to cut down your use?

As mothers of young children, we started to ask ourselves these questions. And the more we found out, the more we realised that a lot of this information is hidden from the public. We also discovered how bad wireless technology is for babies and children.

We found out that lots of scientists are worried about the health effects of wireless products because they give off radiation that is known to be damaging, especially for children.

We discovered that this radiation is thought to cause cancer and that some scientists fear a big rise in cancers amongst the kids growing up in this new wireless age.

If these products were a medicine or even a lipstick they would have had to be extensively tested before going on the market, but this new technology isn’t. Some children are already reporting symptoms like headaches, nausea, rashes, and sleep and concentration problems.

Governments are starting to give health warnings, but the message doesn’t seem to be getting out. Did you know that the UK government has advised that children under 16 shouldn't use mobile phones? None of the parents and teenagers we have talked to do.

It’s easier than you think to reduce your children’s exposure to potentially harmful radiation:

  • Make sure at least one phone in the house is corded (not cordless) and make sure children use this phone for any long calls.
  • Encourage children to limit their use of mobile phones to texting and emergency calls only.
  • Make sure children turn off mobile phones when not in use, especially at night
  • Replace WiFi with wired internet. In the meantime, make sure there is no WiFi point or cordless phone in your child’s bedroom or in an adjacent room and turn WiFi and cordless phones off at night.
  • Replace digital baby monitors with analogue versions.
  • Limit time playing on wireless computer games and turn off the console when not in use.


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