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Are you caring for a child with special needs?

Remember that your child is a child first and foremost and needs all the love that any other child needs, and, like any other child may bring heartaches but also much joy.

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Fledglings is a special needs resource helping parents/carers of a disabled child or a child with a special difficulty to find appropriate support quickly and easily, thus maximising the child’s potential and giving the family more quality time together.


‘If just one person had come to tell us that, despite our sadness, there was hope, that this was not the end of the world, but rather a challenge…Ruth Lingard – Fledglings Director



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When you first learn that your child has special needs, it may seem like the end of the world. You may experience a range of emotions – disbelief, despair, anger, guilt, shame, fear, rejection, protectiveness or sadness. How you feel will be very personal to you, depending on the many factors that make you a unique individual. Sometimes your partner or other family members may seem to react differently from you and you may feel very alone, afraid, confused and uncertain about the future. At times like this it is hard to feel positive or confident or to believe that you have the resources within yourself to cope. You may not remember things that you can do well, times when you have succeeded at tasks against all the odds. Try to share how you feel with those who you love and trust. Talking to close friends and family may help you to see the strengths that you have and to realise how much you have to offer your child, to whom you and your partner are the most important people in the world.

Becoming a parent is probably the most responsible job anyone ever undertakes - becoming a parent of a child with special needs is an extra challenge. You may need professional help, the support of other families and special information to rise to this challenge but, in time, you may be surprised at your own abilities and how much pleasure you find in being the parent of this ‘special’ child.


Fledglings helps families to find affordable solutions to practical problems. We work with a large number of companies and have access to a wide range of products; we can seek out attractive, child-friendly products which are not merely functional but address the needs of the child first.

We help parents with ideas for using products imaginatively in order to help their child to progress.

Fledglings is FREE to parents and carers. Products are supplied at very competitive prices.

Safety in the Home for parents with disabled children is a vast subject but will we can guide you in the appropriate direction. Safety tips will be provided on this site in due course.


Here are some examples of difficulties for which Fledglings has found a solution:

• Can you help us find a bicycle suitable for my 7 year old son who has Down’s syndrome? He has poor balance and is also very weak as he is recovering from leukaemia.

• We are looking for some suitable bibs for a teenager who has cerebral palsy. Most bibs are so undignified for this age group.

• I have a son who is 8 and needs a buggy because of severe epilepsy. I now have a baby too but I can’t find a double buggy which is suitable for both. Can you help?

• My little girl has a medical problem which means she can’t get to the toilet on time. She is very self-conscious about her appearance and hates wearing nappies to school. Is there anything else you can suggest?

• We have a little girl in our play group who cannot stay sitting on her chair at break time, so she always ends up on the floor with her drink on top of her. Any suggestions?

•  Our son is deaf and blind. Do you have any toys that will stimulate his other senses?

 • I think my son is dyslexic. Do you have any family word games which we can play at home to help us to help him? 



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