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Amazing little boy with no legs outbeats the professionals

Cody has different legs for different occasions. He uses his walking legs every day, for going to school, his stubby legs for sitting down and his running legs for sprints.

9 year old, Cody suffers from a rare condition called Sacral Agenesis, a spinal condition, which means his legs were shortened and bent the wrong way.


Cody's parents, Tina and Mike who also have a daughter Callie, four, were warned he might need both lower legs amputated to give him the chance of walking with prosthetic legs.


Tina said: 'The right leg was missing a tibia and knee cap.


'The fibula was not enough to support Cody's leg and without a knee, he could not bend it.


The ambitious boy said: 'I definitely will take part one day and win a gold medal.' MailOnline


'His legs just curved round to the side when he was sitting and it just kind of got in his way.

'His left leg, looked more normal, but the knee did not bend. We were told there may be a chance of surgery to fix that leg but there was no guarantee of success.'

Cody's parents made the brave decision to allow him to undergo a double amputation at 15 months old.

But when he was fitted for his first prosthetic legs two months later, Cody shocked his parents and doctors by managing to stand and walk on them the same day.

Tina said: 'Hardly anyone takes to prosthetics so well. It was amazing - it was as if Cody had just been waiting for the chance to have new legs so he could walk. He was so pleased with himself.'

So now, Cody McCasland has more than 20 artificial legs so he can take part in all sports and beat his able-bodied friends - despite having his own amputated.

He enjoys running, swimming, football, ice hockey and other sports and wants to  be a doctor when he is older.

Cody's main love is swimming - where he doesn't use any false legs - and has won gold and silver medals in competitions for children with a range of abilities.

Tina said: 'He loves swimming and has won a lot of competitions. He practices three times a week at an after school club with able bodied children

The determined boy, who dreams of winning a Paralympic gold, has running, walking and sitting down legs so he can get around - and win at every event.




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