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Special Needs

Aspergers / dyspraxia

He’s doing well at school but finds it hard to make friends Children who are experiencing some kind of developmental disorder tend to find social interaction more difficult than most, and tend to be…

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Amazing little boy with no legs outbeats the professionals

Cody has different legs for different occasions. He uses his walking legs every day, for going to school, his stubby legs for sitting down and his running legs for sprints. 9 year old, Cody suffers f…

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Does your child have a hidden disability?

Where a person does not look disabled, and outwardly appears to be perfectly okay The birth of a baby is usually a time of celebration for all the family, and once a clean…

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Hyperactivity or ADHD

Hyperactivity affects thousands of babies, children and adults in varying degrees.

It is symptomatic of a wide range of disorders that affect behaviour,…

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Helping Children to spread their wings

Are you caring for a child with special needs?

Remember that your child is a child first and foremost and needs all the love that any other child needs,…

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Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood

DPPi is an organisation working with disabled parents. DPPi offers a UK information service for parents and professionals on many aspects of disability in parents and the best practice for looking a…

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Cerebral Palsy

I suspected something was wrong with Luke hours after he born, as he appeared to have reduced movements and floppiness of his body

A mother's story …

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The Autistic spectrum

  More suspicion surrounds some sort of connection between the MMR vaccination and the increased incidences being reported. There is enormous debate raging about autism and its causes in the press t…

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Does Anyone Understand Autism?

Parents of autism spectrum kids travel a different road. We don't profess to understand everything our child does and that's OK with us.

No ma…

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Undiagnosed Conditions

  There are some children who have learning difficulties or health problems, and no-one can give a diagnosis to explain the cause of these problems. Even though most people do not realise it, havin…

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