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What Is The Average Family?

Apparently some kind of 'alternative' census has been done of 2,000 families and it's revealed some pretty surprising statistics!

The findings include information on the average British family's favourite TV programme as well as the amount they spend on their usual weekly food shop. The main results are below but after a quick 'vox pop' in our office, we aren't entirely sure who these 'average families' are.......

The Average Family

BulletThe average family go to bed at 10.39pm
BulletThey get up at 6.57am
BulletMothers do most of the housework
BulletFathers have a tendency to moan about cost of living
Ava Wilson

BulletThe average weekly food bill is £76.02 and £12 on alcohol
BulletThe average family own a silver Ford focus
BulletThey own a semi-detached and have a mortgage (with nearly 32% of it paid off)
BulletThey go on holidays twice a year (Lucky them!)
BulletDoctor Who is their favourite TV programme.
BulletFave dinners include; Spag bog on a Monday, Pasta bake on a Tuesday, Chicken pie on Wednesday and Cottage pie on a Thursday
Bullet68% of the people polled think the recession has left them with less 'money in their pocket'

July 2011
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