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The Weird Pregnancy Cravings and Hobbies Of The Stars

From Blake Lively chomping down on organic pumpkin ice cream and pickles to Pink munching on Sour Skittles and key lime pie, pregnancy cravings can also get weird.

Pregnancy cravings are a normal aspect of the 9-month process of carrying a tiny human inside your body, but did you know they are caused by your body crying out for certain nutrients - that your brain then translates into certain foods you want to eat? Although sometimes these cravings just get weird and even branch out into non-food items such as soap or even dirt!

One new Mum claimed she ate (and continues to eat) at least one toilet roll a day after developing the craving during pregnancy and told the Mirror online: 'I like the feeling of the texture in my mouth, rather than the taste. I like the dryness.'

Apparently certain brands taste different (is Andrex better than Tesco's own brand, what makes Cushelle taste different to Velvet?) and she will eat around eight sheets per visit to the bathroom. Doctors have told her this craving is a condition called Pica , which can affect pregnant women, and makes them want to eat items such as chalk, ice, soil, soap and even paint.

Pregnancy related Pica is usually linked to an iron deficiency (a common issue in pregnancy and some women are even told to drink a small Guinness once in a while to avoid it) but it can do serious harm if it is not controlled.

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Katie Price has been known to eat ice cubes while pregnant but says that she ate them to stop her back pain and morning sickness. Eating ice is one of the most common, weird pregnancy cravings, with a study discovering that 20% of expectant Mums craved ice cubes as well as HP sauce (on everything), lemons and toothpaste, most commonly. Ham and chocolate sandwiches, potatoes with mud on them and condensed milk were also on the strange cravings list.

Davina McCall reportedly ate sponges while carrying her baby, another common pregnancy craving that those suffering with Pica experience, with some expectant mothers even enjoying soaking the sponge in water and sucking it out. A woman in New York has been known to eat rocks while pregnant, picking them up in her garden and hiding them around the house to eat later.

This craving is of course a more dangerous one, simply because the rocks can't be digested and there was concern that the baby would be deficient in nutrients for healthy growth. Luckily when the child arrived he was completely healthy but such a craving can cause complications down the line.

Different cravings mean you are deficient in different things, for example a calcium deficiency will encourage you to drink milk while a lack of Vitamin C will point you towards eating lots of fruit. Most women crave items such as chocolate, ice cream and pickles but these are linked to certain deficiencies and can be swapped for healthier alternatives to avoid unnecessary pregnancy weight gains.

A craving for sugar could point towards a deficiency in a number of nutrients (such as phosphorus, sulphur or chromium) so it's a good idea to cook up some chicken, broccoli or snack on some fresh fruit.
If you want nothing more than to eat some salty food then your body probably needs chloride or silicon and tomatoes, cashews and celery will help curb this craving.

Many celebrities have claimed to crave pickles while pregnant, Mila Kunis apparently just realised one day that she really needed to eat a pickle even though she would never normally want one and Natalie Portman couldn't get enough of pouring vinegar over her dinner.

Many pregnant women also take up hobbies they might not have considered before; it could be logging onto websites like this to play a few exciting online games or pottery painting (taking safety precautions as well, of course) but even celebrities pick up unusual habits. Kate Middleton apparently took up knitting to pass the time while pregnant and told one of her
pregnancy cravings
well-wishers, while out at an event, that she wasn't very good at it.

Former Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan apparently passed the time with a game of Monopoly with her partner as she waits for the baby to come, while Gossip Girl's Blake Lively has moved on from gorging on pumpkin ice cream to working on motorcycles, with her new baby in tow. Apparently pregnancy makes you do funny things! Another trend for celebs is to continue going to the gym while carrying their baby – that's why so many of them look incredible so soon after giving birth. Kelly Rowland, Ciara and Beyoncé all continued to work out while pregnant and had the bodies to show for it afterwards. Many of these celebrities enjoy yoga, light weights and non-strenuous cardio while carrying babies to ensure they are healthy.

'Eating for two' is not an excuse to consume copious amounts of calories when you discover you're about to have a baby, in fact you don't need to eat anymore than normal to ensure you and your baby are healthy. Model, Sarah Stage, even managed to keep her six pack while carrying her baby earlier this year, proving that exercise is not going to damage an unborn child and that a healthy diet wins over a poor one every time.

A woman considered to fall within the normal BMI category (although there is speculation over the accuracy of the BMI scale) should only gain 25-35lbs when having a baby and 37-54lbs if they are having twins. Mix up light exercise with healthy eating and you should have a smooth pregnancy, resulting in a bouncing healthy baby.

What weird pregnancy cravings did you experience? Did you eat sponges like Davina, indulge in rocks or just stick with the usual ice cream and pickle combinations?
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