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The Top 10 Most Awesome TV Mums (And Why We Love Them)

The Top 10 Most Awesome TV Mums (And Why We Love Them)

Mother's Day is the one time of year when we all celebrate the wonderful things our mothers have done for us.

But what makes an amazing mum? We've put together a top ten list of the most awesome TV mums from both sides of the Atlantic.

Remember when you would watch the latest happenings on the small portable in your teenage bedroom? Now you spend hours streaming series on the latest Smart TV. Technology may have moved on, but TV matriarchs' compassion, loyalty and sheer awesomeness still brings tears of joy to your eyes. Or in some case it's their killer put-downs bringing a smile to your face.

So sit back and enjoy some of the greatest TV mums the small screen has to offer. Every day we are revealing the next Mum in the list until we reach the Number 1 Top TV Mum.

10. Sue Brockman - Outnumbered (2007 - Present)

Best line: 'It's my fault, Veronica. I should never have shown Ben how to reply to an email.'

Here Sue Brockman is supportive of her son auditioning for 'Spartacus The Musical'

Awesome rating: 6/10

Sue Brockman is mum to three pithy kids, wife to a less-than-obliging husband and holds down a job working for the insufferable Veronica to boot. She balances all these responsibilities with the kind of commendable patience we love in our mums. The British public fell for Outnumbered because of its comical, close to the bone portrayal of family life, and we think Sue has earned an awesome rating of 6/10 for keeping us laughing even when family life gets tough.

Bullet  Played by: Claire Skinner
Bullet  Kids: two sons (Jake and Ben), one daughter (Karen)
Bullet  Occupation: part-time personal assistant

9. Gloria Marie Pritchett - Modern Family (2009 - Present)

Best line - “Seriously. Manny you teach to swim by throwing him in the pool but the dog gets swimming lessons?”

Awesome rating: 6/10

As feisty and courageous as she is beautiful, Gloria wields a sharp tongue and spirited attitude. Her son Manny is her pride and joy; a sensitive boy with a penchant for poetry and the flute. As Manny and Jay inevitably butt heads, Gloria's ability to give them both the care they need without compromising her own happiness definitely earns her a 6/10 on the awesome scale.

Bullet  Played by: Sofia Vergara
Bullet  Kids: two sons (Manny and Joe)
Bullet  Occupation: housewife/hairdresser

8. Lorelai Victoria Gilmore - Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

Best line: 'When we're at a U2 concert, you are my best friend. But right now you are my 16-year-old daughter and I am telling you that I do not want to have this conversation.'

Awesome rating: 7/10

Lorelai grew up in a conservative family who disapproved of her wild ways, especially when she became a single mother to daughter Rory as a teenager. Sixteen year later, Rory and Lorelai are best friends whose witty one-liners have captured audiences all over the world. But it's Lorelai's success in raising her daughter, despite the challenges of single motherhood and parental disapproval, which led us to give her an awesome rating of 7/10.

Bullet  Played by: Lauren Graham
Bullet  Kids: one daughter (Rory)
Bullet  Occupation: inn owner

7. Violet Crawley - Downton Abbey (2010 - Present)

Best line: 'Twenty four years ago you married Cora against my wishes for her money. Give it away now and what was the point of your peculiar marriage in the first place?'

Awesome rating: 7/10

Violet Crawley is the hard-nosed matriarch who shields the Crawleys from wreck and ruin. Shrewd and cunning, she manipulates situations to get her own way. Yet Violet has a softer side, guiding her son Robert in important family matters. She is best known for scathing one-liners and disapproving expressions. Her fierce attitude and loyalty to her loved ones scores her an awesome rating of 7/10.

Bullet  Played by: Dame Maggie Smith
Bullet  Kids: one son (Robert), one daughter (Rosamund)
Bullet  Occupation: Dowager Countess of Grantham

6. Susan Kennedy - Neighbours (1994 - Present)

Best line: 'You stay just the way you are'
Awesome rating: 7/10

Susan Kennedy has survived multiple sclerosis, a cheating husband, a painful divorce, and even offered to carry her daughter Libby's child when Libby couldn't! Susan is a Neighbours stalwart, and a favourite TV mum in Australia and beyond. For showing that there's truly nothing she won't do for her children, Susan Kennedy gets a well-deserved awesome rating of 7/10.

Bullet  Played by: Jackie Woodburne
Bullet  Kids: two sons (Malcolm and Billy), one daughter (Libby)
Bullet  Occupation: school headmistress

5. Lynette Scavo - Desperate Housewives (2004-2012)

Best line: 'Why don't I just put them back in me and cook 'em until they're civilised?'
Awesome rating: 8/10

Lynette juggles children, relationships and a high flying job – she's the model of a modern mum. Lynette shields her eldest son from the advances of a local cougar, maintains stability for her kids when she and husband Tom separate, and even faces a brutal battle with cancer, handling each hurdle with grace and pragmatism. Never defeated and ever loyal, she guards her large brood with ferocity and love. For being an inspiration and a fighter, she gets an awesome rating of 8/10.

Bullet  Played by: Felicity Huffman
Bullet  Kids: three sons (Preston, Porter, Parker), two daughters (Penny, Paige), one step-daughter (Kayla)
Bullet  Occupation: CEO of Katherine Mayfair's French Pastry Company

4. Alicia Florrick - The Good Wife (2009 - Present)

Best line: 'You don't supervise my kids spontaneously. You don't take them to prison. You don't just try and phone me. You phone me. You respect me as a mother or you leave!'
Awesome rating: 8.5/10

Alicia Florrick bounces back from tragedy and scandal when the lawyer husband to whom she has devoted her life is very publically caught out for his misdemeanours. Alicia doesn't let this destroy her life – instead she becomes an attorney and rises through the ranks of the Illinois law community. Alicia always puts her children first, protecting them from local media and political piranhas. She's tough but tender, and for that she deserves an awesome rating of 8/5.

Bullet  Played by: Julianna Margulies
Bullet  Kids: one son (Zach), one daughter (Grace)
Bullet  Occupation: partner and litigator at a law firm

3. Vivian Banks - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (1990-1993, Seasons 1-3)

Best line: 'Carlton, being a teenage parent is very hard and you have already proved yourself irresponsible by getting yourself into this mess. How are you gonna raise him, feed him, educate him?'
Awesome rating: 9/10

Aunt Viv was famous for being a fierce, no-nonsense lady with a soft side reserved for her kids, husband, and troublesome nephew Will. Both Vivian and her husband Phil came from humble beginnings, climbing to the top of their respective professions. Despite making it – with a Beverly Hills mansion and English butler – they never forgot where they came from. Vivian keeps her family grounded, disciplined and loves them hard. That's an awesome rating of 9/10 if ever we saw one.

Bullet  Played by: Janet Hubert-Whitten
Bullet  Kids: two sons (Carlton, Nicky), two daughters (Hilary, Ashley)
Bullet  Occupation: professor at UCLA

2. Marge Simpson - The Simpsons (1989 - Present)

Best line: 'Bart sweetie, this is an opportunity for you to turn things aroundÂ… yet again. And I believe in youÂ… yet again.'
Awesome rating: 9/10

The Simpsons was named the number one greatest TV show of all time by Empire. Its leading lady, Marge Simpson, is the patient, loving and long-suffering wife of Homer – stereotypical American dad and unwitting legend of comedy. Marge nurtures the growth of her kids, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, and supports them through thick and thin. Even though her relationship with Homer has its problems, the kids never go a moment without her love and unconditional support. If Marge was our mum we'd be honoured, so we're giving her a solid awesome rating of 9/10.

Bullet  Played by: Julie Kavner
Bullet  Kids: one son (Bart), two daughters (Maggie, Lisa)
Bullet  Occupation: housewife, lawyer

1. Peggy Mitchell - EastEnders (1994-2010, 2013-2014)

Best line: 'There's more to the Mitchells than bricks and mortar – we're a family'
Awesome rating: 10/10

At the top of our list is the one and only Peggy Mitchell. She's a determined, strong and empowered woman who has consistently touched the lives of the British public since she first rocked up to Albert Square in 1991. Her sons Phil and Grant are the light of her life, and the bane of it too. But no matter the ups and downs they face as a family, Peggy's capacity to love and forgive makes her a true 10/10 on the scale of awesome.

Bullet  Played by: Barbara Windsor
Bullet  Kids: two sons (Phil and Grant), one daughter (Sam)
Bullet Occupation: pub landlady and Eastend Legend.

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