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The End of Outdoor Play?

The End of Outdoor Play?

New research carried out by Savlon and Play England reveals that only 40% of children prefer to play outside rather than inside.

72% of adults enjoyed outdoor adventures as a child, but it seems less and less children are playing outdoors nowadays.

Bullet42% of children have never made a daisy chain
Bullet32% of children have never climbed a tree
Bullet25% of children have never rolled down a hill
BulletOnly 29% of children have ever built a den
BulletA third of children have never played hopscotch
BulletOne in ten children have never ridden a bike

Simple activities such as these are essential childhood experiences which modern day children are missing out on.

Savlon is launching a national day for play on 3rd August 2011. Events are being held across the UK to encourage families to get outdoors and play. Playday is a celebration of children's right to play and it highlights the importance of play in children's lives.

Austin Healey, ex-England rugby star and father of four daughters under the age of ten, says: ‘Encouraging my daughters to behave like children - exploring, discovering and creating, reminds me of the joys of my childhood and are experiences I want them to enjoy. Hunting around the trees in our local park, learning to ride a bike or just leaving them to make up their own outdoor games is an important part of growing up.'

Catherine Prisk, Co-Director of Play England, said: 'Playing outside, getting muddy, climbing trees and making daisy chains are simple pleasures that many of today's children are missing out on. Play - outside and indoors - is essential for children's health, well-being and happiness now, and is also important for their future development, to build vital life and social skills. It's important that we overcome the barriers to outdoor play by addressing parents' safety concerns, protecting and making the most of outdoor spaces in our communities and acknowledging the pressures on family time. For families, simply building a little time to play in the fresh air every day is a great start.'

The research proved that both parents and children view playing outside as a treat, with 59% of children wanting to do it more often.

Playing outside in natural areas doesn't have to be expensive - many parents admitted that their fondest memories of play were making up their own games.

Make the most of the summer holidays and get playing!


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