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Never Stop Hugging

Never Stop Hugging

Every baby deserves to be hugged and, let's be honest, who could resist a snuggle from their cuddly ones?

From the moment they're born, we're in constant contact with our babies. More and more, studies show just how important touch is to the development of a child as it correlates to their feeling safe, nurtured, connected and loved.

But what happens when our babies grow up? There seems to be less contact, less hugging, and perhaps, even distance. While some accept this as a fact of life, others let years pass without even realising the impact. Why do we stop?

This poignant video highlights the importance of acknowledging this turn away from touch as we get older as well as the need to change our behaviours. From those first, tender moments together through to the present day, we follow the journey of a father and son as they rediscover the power of hugs.

Rooted in their passion for huggably soft clothes, Fairy Non Bio champion the idea that we should #NeverStopHugging our babies, no matter their age.


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