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Laura Loves Maxi Cosi AxissFix Plus

Laura Loves Maxi Cosi AxissFix Plus

The Maxi Cosi AxissFix Plus is MC's new and improved multi-range car seat offering to the market. Personally I am a big Maxi Cosi fan, maybe it's something to do with the nostalgia of it being the brand of the very first car seat I ever bought, or perhaps the universal recognition they seem to have for being excellent quality.

This opportunity gave me the chance to review the AxissFix Plus, a Group 0+/1 chair which means it can take baby right from newborn up to the age of four years which is great on the value side of things. Taking this huge chair out the box, it is set to go. Unlike many other chairs that separate into the base and seat it's all integrated. This means it is big and heavy and slightly awkward to hold, so I would recommend it be used in your main vehicle if you tend to switch. On the flip side, the weight is testament to it being a solid chair that is robust and hardy so pretty much everything you could want from a car seat. It comes with an integrated ISOFIX base, and also a tethering system that many newer cars accommodate. So just when we thought ISOFIX was a fantastic safety solution, they go and up the level with an add-on for even more security, which is great! I won't lie, it has me a little puzzled fitting it for the first time, I am not used to the anchorage tether system that some car seats have and you do need to move around your car a bit to hook it up; so I had to refer to the guide a few times to check I had it right but once I did, it felt incredibly tight and fastened and I'd happily do it now without requiring reference. The visual indicators also light up to ensure everything is installed correctly for added reassurance. As a chair, it looks great and like an impressive piece of baby kit. My favourite feature of this chair is the rotational element 360 whole degrees to swivel baby. Inserting Marley with the car seat to the side makes life so much easier, especially if you're short on space in a cramped car park, and then you pull the lever to smoothly swivel her rearward or forward-facing in a simple manner you just need to set which position you want the chair in beforehand so your child isn't spinning round in circles! For enhanced safety, it is recommended you keep babies rearward until two years of age, and this chair allows plenty of space for you to do this. As rearward facing, leg space is a little tight, but not as tight as some others I have reviewed, whereas forward facing they can kick around a bit more and be in tune with the scenery up front. The full cover is machine washable (which unfortunately I found out due to a poorly Marley.) A contraption of zip, Velcro and poppers means the whole cover removes easily and is safe to wash on a low heat and then reattch. I have mentioned it being big and robust and this doesn't necessarily paint a picture of comfort, especially for babies, but I couldn't be more wrong. Nestled in the shell is a thick padding of soft inlay. A newborn bolster is included, but this is advisable for removal when they get a little larger around the four-month mark so unfortunately wasn't relevant for 16 month old Marley but testing it with one of our dollies, it was makes for a flush fitting and adds that extra cocooning while helping to position the give point harness straps correctly over smaller bodies. As the chair takes you through a wide range of ages and developmental stages, there's plenty of flexibility with an impressive seven headrest adjustments and it reclines forward and rear facing for additional comfort, which I find really aids reflux in those early days. The only downside for me is it's functionality outside of the car and perhaps I am expecting too much from what is essentially a car seat. Unlike Maxi Cosi's very popular Group 0 Pebble car seat, this cannot be toted around on your arm, which is a really handy element for not having to disturb newborns. Likewise it isn't travel system adaptable so again makes it less flexible outside of the car. However, on the flip side carrying around your car sear becomes very heavy and a strain on your back for elongated periods, so very much a case of weighing up the options as to what is better for your lifestyle. The Maxi Cosi AxissFix Plus is priced £395. For more information on the chair, visit www.maxi-cosi.co.uk.


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