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Laura Loves Britax Romer TRIFIX iSIZE

Britax Romer TRIFIX iSIZE

Not one to rest on their laurels, Britax Römer has recently rolled out a new toddler car seat in the shape of the TRIFIX i-SIZE, the follow on choice from the popular BABY-SAFE i-SIZE.

This chair is a Group 1 forward facing chair aimed at little ones sized 76cm to 105cm, which equates to roughly 15 months to four years.

Popping it out the box, it's an all-in-one jobbie so the car seat and base is integrated in one unit.

It fixes in to your car with ISOFIX and the top tether anchorage settings. It's worth checking it's suitable for your car beforehand, but most modern cars should have no issues.

I really liked that it's all one unit; it relieves the concern of correct installation and reinforces the fact that it is fitted correctly and incredibly sturdy and well connected to your car's fixtures.

It will take you a few minutes to install, but is pretty simple and straight forward, and being a reasonable weight, it's not too taxing to move it from vehicle to vehicle.

The seat itself has large extended side wings, something Britax Römer tends to offer in many of their larger chairs. I like this; it's like a protective arm wrapped around and cuddling your child.

It's soft and cocooning but there's a lot more to this SICT impact than what meets the eye. Specially crafted, these side pieces absorb energy and keep children protected from the impact of the crash from the side angle.

Additionally, the special V-shaped form of the headrest is designed to control the movement of the child's head in an impact.

The wings cover off a side impact, but front on is where the ISOFIX comes in.

Should an accident occur then it has been designed to direct the force downwards to shy away from any serious head/neck injury, while the top tether further reduces any movement of the seat and child.

It looks very sleek and stylish with smooth lines and a bold pop of colour.

I find there's less fussing on the padding and the focus is on more of large wraps of spongy material that have no irritable seams.

Britax Römer has invested in the ergonomics to improve wellbeing and I think all of these factors in turn made it really comfy as Marley happily sat without any signs of upset during our road trip up to Scotland.

It can be reclined in three subtle positions, and the headrest has seven separate settings to keep up with growing children.

The five point harness can also be adjusted for the most snug fit as they develop, which takes slightly more fiddling, but fortunately isn't a regular occurrence.

The safety standards are incredibly high, and with an integrated base it is probably fairly cheaper than some other options that require the two purchases.

I also think it's worth bearing in mind that this car seat will last you more than twice the amount of time as your baby Group 0 car seat, in which parents regularly don't bat an eyelid at the financial outlay.

The TRIFIX i-SIZE is priced £250 and is available in Cosmos Black, Flame Red, Storm Grey, Olive Green and Moonlight Blue, with additional colours to follow.

For more information, visit www.britax.co.uk


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