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It's All About You - And Your Project

It's All About You - And Your Project

How did you feel when you saw the two lines on the stick or the word 'pregnant' pop up on the digital screen?

Elation? Joy? Nervousness? Panic? Most women feel all of these emotions and that's completely natural. So once the news has had chance to sink in, then it's time to digest! Pregnancy is a time you'll want to learn, to get clued up on the biggest project you'll ever undertake. It's also your time to focus on you, and your little project. But where do you start? With so much information in so many places – there always seems to be someone telling you something different! That's why a fabulous new company has been created. Called Project-B, they will guide you through this precious time.

Project-B is a brand new monthly subscription box of wellbeing goodies designed to nurture the pregnancy journey. It has been created to support and guide you with impartial advice and information, whilst giving you products to test and enjoy. Costing £14 per month, each beautiful box matches the stage of pregnancy you're at.

Every month you'll receive around five products; for example, it might be a nourishing bump oil, a soothing body lotion, a delicious cereal bar or a book on fresh juices to make in pregnancy. It also includes advice from our own Project-B experts; Midwife and Health Professional Nikki Holdsworth RSc (Hons) RM and author of 'What To Buy For Your Baby' Liat Hughes Joshi, who both write completely independently . This means you also have some interesting information to digest in each box – specific to your stage of pregnancy. You can expect to see four large postcards which will tell you about, Your Pregnancy This Month – how big baby is growing, how you might feel, what you might expect; Eating Well, a guide to what to eat and what to avoid in Box 1, and then a delicious nutritious recipe to make in each box after that; Staying Active, safe and effective ways to keep you mobile and help give you stamina for labour; and finally Shopping Ideas, what to think about buying when, anything you need to know about (such as car seat requirements), and an all-important checklist for your hospital bag.
Project-B Box

Project-B is working with some of the UK's leading and well-known brands, as well as some smaller boutique companies which means that each box is packed with interesting and useful things to test and try. Products include items such as Pregnacare, Palmers Cocoa Tummy Butter, Metanium, Weleda Calendula Body Lotion, Green People Nappy Cream Balm, Nākd cereal bars, Halo N Horns Moisturising Lotion, Spontex scouring pads, Balm Balm Rose Geranium Face Balm to name but a few.

By signing up at www.project-b.com you create your own special Project-B account, which means you can log in at any time to give you thoughts and feedback. In fact, the Project-B website is a platform for you to experience, learn and feedback on different products in each box, on a platform that brands are listening to.
The first Project-B box starts in Month four of pregnancy, with a further six boxes up to Month 10 - a Project Complete Box - once baby has arrived. You can join at any stage of your pregnancy journey, only pay for the boxes you receive and can cancel at any time. Your boxes are delivered to your door, and in fact are couriered to ensure safe arrival.
Project-B Logo

The team at Project-B believes the journey doesn't stop with each box; make friends with thousands of other parents-to-be on their Facebook and Twitter @ProjectB_UK pages. You will also find competitions and offers from some more fantastic brands (most of them too big to fit in the box!), so it's well worth a look.

Sign up to Project-B now, visit www.project-b.com.

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