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How to spend more quality time with your partner

How to spend more quality time with your partner

A recent survey by Legal & General found 67% of parent couples agreed that date nights were really important for their relationship. And we’re hardly surprised, we all need a night out with the other half (and without the kids) now and again! But 36% of parent couples aged 18-44 only spend quality time together once or twice a week, so perhaps we need to prioritise date nights a little more?

That’s when the question of babysitters comes up. The same survey showed 45% of couples use babysitters when going out on a date night, with grandparents being among the most popular choice. But, these days, not all of us live around the corner from Nanny and Grandad, so where do we turn if they’re not around? Well 17% of people surveyed said they’d found babysitters online or through an app. There are a number of babysitter apps, like bubble, which help you find and book someone local to look after your little ones while you go out and enjoy yourselves. You can read reviews from other users and rest assured knowing that they’ve been identity verified and undergone a background check. And then of course there’s Facebook, where lots of towns have set up babysitter groups for the area, or plain old fashion word of mouth referrals.


But with 46% saying they’re often too tired to go out and 41% saying it’s too costly, why not recreate the date night experience at home? You could cook your favourite dinner together and enjoy it by candlelight or get some popcorn in, turn the lights down and watch that new Netflix film everyone’s talking about.

Another suggestion for boosting those quality one-to-one moments is to micro-date. Micro-dating is recognising and appreciating those little moments in a relationship and making the effort to show our partners that we love them. Tapping into your shared history is a good way to stir happy memories and get started. Here are some suggestions:

  • Were you both once gamers? Then take an hour one evening, when the children are asleep, to have a game of Super Mario.
  • If video games weren’t your thing, perhaps play a board game together or have a game of cards.
  • Why not take an hour out of your evening to look through some old photographs together?


Or squeeze in more regular moments:

  • Surprise them at the station on their way home from work and walk home together
  • Get up a little earlier one morning and grab a coffee together
  • Or simply, sit down together one evening and have a chinwag over a glass of wine

How do you ensure you spend quality time with your partner?

For more information, visit: https://www.legalandgeneral.com/life-cover/confused-about-life-cover/articles-and-guides/micro-dating-index.html



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