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Don't Fear The Mess

Pampers Baby

Baby Wipes have revolutionised the way we as parents view that poo-face moment.

9 out of 10 parents admit that they can't leave the house without a pack of wipes.

New research carried out by Pampers has revealed just how much parents love Baby Wipes as the remedy to quickly clean up all kinds of baby mess. To add that little extra to their research, Pampers have made an award-winning video to show those lovely 'poo faces' that every baby pulls to signal that it's nearly clean-up time.

One thing brought to light was the most feared baby mess situation - with half of the parents questioned saying that nappy mess was the worst, closely followed by baby food mess, with 4 out of 10 parents. Dads fear it even more, with 6 out of 10 men quoting nappy mess as the worst.

The survey also revealed the top uses of baby wipes; for 9 in 10 parents it was wiping their baby's bottoms (91%) and 8 in 10 parents use wipes to wipe their baby's face.

According to Paolo Haeusermann, brand manager for Pampers, Northern Europe, "We know that being a parent involves a lot of messy moments, but whatever that red face might lead to, with Pampers Wipes a clean baby is just a wipe away!”

In combination with the release of the research, Pampers is unveiling its new triple award-winning #Pamperspooface video, for all parents to celebrate and enjoy those adorable red cheeks, intense stares, double chins and grimacing mouths!

For more information, visit www.pampers.co.uk or search #Pamperspooface on Twitter.


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