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Color Blind Cards

'The only thing that should be separated by colour is laundry'

ColorBlind Cards was launched in 2006 after two Public relations Consultants for one of the UK's most high profile publicists, became aware of a gap in the greeting card market. In searching for a card featuring a boy of Afro Caribbean descent, Jessica Huie and Sarah Thomson found a distinct lack of cards featuring non Caucasian children and adults.

ColorBlind Cards was launched out of necessity. Just as media and advertising campaigns have begun to use diverse ethnic images to reflect our eclectic nation, the greeting card industry was lagging embarrassingly behind and the PR experts decided to capitalise on the niche and create beautiful cards shot by acclaimed photographer to the Queen Nina Duncan, to create a range focused on highlighting the beauty of people of Caribbean, African, Asian and mixed race descent.

As a mother of a mixed race child herself, Jessica was passionate about the project. Realising the importance of images which reflect who one is, she was disturbed by the card market's focus on cherubic blonde children, and the lack of similarly gorgeous children of colour.
colour blind cards
Using Jessica's seven year old daughter Monet as the business duo's first models, ColorBlind Cards was borne, and with it not just a vital addition to the card industry but an important statement made to children globally about self love, with the ethos that beauty lies in our individuality, intrinsic to the brand's core.

ColorBlind Cards

In an age where multi-culturalism is so paramount in society, ColorBlind Cards is a crucial positive addition to a cramped but unoriginal marketplace. Company directors Jessica and Sarah are fully aware of the brands social relevance; "Through ColorBlind we hope to redress the balance within the Greeting Card industry. A small number of Ethnic card companies exist on a small level in Britain, catering to an AfroCentric Ethnically aware audience. ColorBlind Cards is different. Our audience isn't just the minorities, it's the majority. Everyone can appreciate beauty regardless of skin tone, and our cards will be marketed to the mainstream audience in an inclusive light that all consumers can appreciate," says Director Jessica Huie. "When I was a child, successful Mixed-race women other than Sade and Mariah Carey, were few and far between. Two decades later that's changed, but in 2006 I saw absolutely no reason that my daughter can't walk into a high street store and find an image on a card which she can relate to. Times are about to change and I'm delighted to be a part of such progress. It's time to add the afro to the range!"

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Color Blind Cards
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