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A Smart Checklist Of Essentials For First-Time Mums

A Smart Checklist Of Essentials For First-Time Mums

Going through your first pregnancy can be exciting but also daunting for any woman.

While most women spend an enormous amount of time preparing for their pregnancy, for others it may come as a total surprise. We are, however, fortunate to live in a time where we can access any kind of information we may need on the internet, which includes quality advice and material on preparing for your first baby. One particularly great resource is the baby checklist from life insurance quote provider, Smart Insurance.

Because women play so many roles, juggling full-time jobs and everything in between, trying to make sense of it all may leave us feeling overwhelmed. This baby baby checklist will help you know exactly what it is you need and how to manage once your bundle of joy arrives. It covers all three trimesters of pregnancy as well as post birth, with the essentials – 36 in total - of everything you will need for your new baby during pregnancy and beyond.

Some of the featured essentials include the following:

Trimester 1:

Bullet  Vitamins to be taken by mother and baby
Bullet  Pregnancy reading material
Bullet  Dealing with changes to your body
Bullet  Tips for sleeping
Bullet  Why you should get a pregnancy journal

Trimester 2:

Bullet Helpful items to invest in for the baby's arrival
Bullet  Items and accessories needed for the nursery kit
Bullet  Baby clothes to stock up on
Bullet  Maternity wear
Bullet  Nappies

Trimester 3:

Bullet  Stocking up on feeding supplies
Bullet  Baby baths
Bullet  Preparing your 'hospital bag' in time
Bullet  Books on post birth

Going through the complete original checklist is sure to help set your mind at ease about what to expect and how to cope. But, do remember that one of the most important things you can do for your baby is to take good care of yourself – this will always remain an essential.

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