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20 Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

20 Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

20 Lies Parents Tell Their Kids.

We have all done it. For better or worse we are pushed to the limits to create phrases which help enforce the message we need to get across. The question is.... What is too much? 



20. Santa is watching you!

In the run up to Christmas is there any harm using Santa as a threat? Sometimes you just need a little bit of support to help guide them in the right direction!! It's all in the spirit of Christmas after all and you get to give them lots of presents when they have been little angels!! 

Level of wrong: 1/5

19. Right, it's bed time (when it's actually not yet)

Can we just put this into perspective - you have a child who is acting like a brat because they are sleepy v's a parent who really is so close to the edge it is no longer funny. Worst outcome is that they get more sleep and we get to sit in the corner of the room trying to gather any sanity we have left for just a little longer than usual. 

Level of wrongness: 1/5

16. I’ll check on you in a moment, as you say good night.

What is the harm really? Meh. Well we know they will (hopefully) be sleeping within moments anyway and it gives them a bit of peace of mind. How often do we get caught out? more than I'd hope! But we'd like to think they will remember a happy childhood rather than the one or two times we didn't check on them for the 419th time. 

Level of wrongness: 2/5

15. Make that face and it’ll freeze that way.

This has to be fair game. We were told it, our parents were told it. Tbh I think I actually believe this one so we are just going to turn a blind eye to it. Who really knows either way?

Level of wrongness: 0/5

14. We’re all out of Chocolate.

As you stare at the last little bit or the bar hidden at the back of the drawer. Your name is on that. You earn't it. PLUS you are actually saving them from tooth decay. High five for being such a thoughtful parent. 

Level of wrongness: 0/5 (Should actually be Level of rightness: 5/5)

13. I don’t know.

On one hand you have an inquisitive child who simply wants to know why or what or how something is what it is. We should really applaud this and feed their knowledge by finding out everything we can to be able to answer the question properly for them. 

The thing is.... When I'm asked why something is what it is and then while i'm explaining it i'm actually interrupted to be asked if i moved the half biscuit from the side of the couch, something tells me my answer wasn't really vital after all!!

Level of wrongness: 2/5


12. We’ll come back another time.

I have to say I think maybe this one is a little naughty. Yes it will maybe stop them feeling so bad for as long but is it really going to help in the long run?

Level of wrongness: 3/5

11. We’ll see.

Come on, some times it's just easier to avoid the massive fall out from replying with 'No.' There have been natural disasters with less destruction in their wake!

No it's not right to say something when you have absolutely no intention of following it through. But in solidarity for every parent who occasionally has to fall back on this, we will let it go this time. 

Level of wrongness: 3/5

10. It went bad so I had to throw it out.

Hmm. If it was theirs, and you ate it, should you tell them. This one is a hard one. We will give it a 1.

Level of wrongness: 1/5

9. Just eat it. It’s chicken.

We may tell them a fib about their food disappearing when in fact we ate it, but is it ok to trick them into thinking they are eating something that they maybe wouldn't otherwise? This is perhaps stooping a little low. I wouldn't like it, would you? That said, it's a great way to get them trying new things ;)

Level of wrongness: 3/5

8. I never would have done that when I was your age.

Oosh... Were you perfect back in the day? I have a feeling we were as frustrating as they are now. It's pretty unfair to let them think anything else. Before we know it we will be telling them about our long journeys to school by foot in the rain!

Level of wrongness: 3/5


7. The Ice cream truck plays music when it is out of ice cream. 

If you are reading this and thinking it's a great idea then perhaps step back. This is a no-no not a list of great ideas. If the music on the ice cream truck doesn't bring joy to your little one then thats a little sad. 

6. The park is closed.

Is the park really closed or are you just lying to your children. This has to be a no in our books. What happens when we drive past the park and there are people playing there. Do we tell the children they are imagining it?

Level of wrongness: 4/5

5. I know when you are lying.

So now you all of a sudden have a sixth sense? This will only make your little one feel terrible and let's be honest, if they are young enough to believe this, are they really going to be telling a lie so bad they should be made to feel this way? 

Level of wrongness: 4/5

4. The dog went to live in a different country. 

When you have a dog they are part of the family. It's a horrible lesson to learn when you are little but it's an important one. If you are going to tell them that the dog went to live in a different country, perhaps Grandma could do the same? Nope. No.

Level of wrongness: 4/5

3. I don’t know where your toy is. Perhaps you have lost it.

If you have thrown your child's toy out then you need to own that decision. Leaving your little one pining for something they treasured or tirelessly searching for something they care about is not fair. 

Level of wrongness: 4/5

2. It won’t hurt.... I promise.

Oh you didn't, did you? If it's going to hurt, it's much better to tell them that and that they are very brave and it won't hurt for long. I am well aware as I'm writing this that we have all said it won't hurt, but should we? Are we just making our children scared of doctors?

Level of wrongness: 4/5

1. I am leaving without you.

Telling our children they will be abandoned is up there. The feeling that you are about to be left by one of the people you trust implicitly is not a nice one and no little person should be left in tears thinking this is even a possibility. 

Level of wrongness: 5/5


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