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Things You Never Knew About Your Favourite Childhood Characters, From Winnie The Pooh To The Little Mermaid

TELLY fans have been convinced for years that Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street - who shared a basement apartment - are lovers. With their adorable bickering and easy chemistry, every TV series from F…

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What is the Baby Shark song and dance? Where the challenge came from

The baby shark YouTube video has gone viral and resulted in a popular challenge. Starting as a catchy jingle the Baby Shark song grabbed children's attention, and soon became a social media challenge.…

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River Island Launch 'Mini Me' Collection So You Can Twin With Your Little One - And We Love It!

River Island have launched a new 'mini me' collection with items for both you and your little one to twin with one another. The exclusive collaboration, now available online at riverisland.com , is co…

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Big Brother Star Claims That Smacking Her Daughter, 12, Has Made Her Turn Out 'Fantastically Well' - But Others Insist There's 'No Excuse' To Hit A Child

A Big Brother star has admitted to using smacking to discipline her daughter, and claims she's turned out better because of it. Rebecca Jane, 32, said she had smacked 12-year-old Paris when her behavi…

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Horrified Mum Hears Pervert Asks 10-Year-Old Son Disgusting Question During Xbox Game

Horrified mum issues urgent advice to parents over Fortnite Xbox game after gaming pervert asks 10-year-old son disgusting question Tessa, 42, from London, was revolted to discover her son Tyler was b…

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Organix cute bear fun plate

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