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Having a Baby is a big expense. Read some of our articles about family finance and budgeting here.

Old £1 coin deadline looming in one week

Having just read this on the BBC site we needed to pass it on. Do you have a change jar or a deep sofa that you need to check?  Read the story below...   People have just one week remaining to spend t…

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Why We Need To Teach Our Children About Money

Did you know that how you manage money in front of your children is the most important influence on how your child will handle their finances in adult life?What�s more, they start learning about …

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Child Benefit and ChildCare Vouchers

Entitlement to Child Benefit has changed for thousands of higher rate tax payers as you know.In a political move to get higher rate taxpayers to pay more and help to address the UK's deficit, entitlem…

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Baby Name Finder

Baby Name Finder

Pregnancy week by week
Pregnancy Week 38
At 38 weeks, your baby is about the size of a pumpkin

week 38

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