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Wrap Splat and Hat

Kids from are being urged to 'Wrap, Splat and Hat' to keep safe in the sun during the summer.

Sun Safety

'Wrap, Splat, Hat' is a simple call to action slogan to help kids to remember the three important steps to sun protection:
Bullet  Wrap up with a t-shirt and shorts,
Bullet  Splat on some sun screen, and
Bullet  Put on a wide brimmed Hat.

Young babies and children are very vulnerable in the summer and extra care needs to be taken with protecting them. Babies under 6 months should be kept out of the sun whenever possible, and older babies and children should be allowed in the sun for a limited time and be well protected.

Bullet  Apply a minimum of Factor 30 sunscream, there are many high factor creams and sun blocks available, but it is recommended that below 30 does not give adequate protection.Even adults should never go below a factor 15 and children ideally Factor 30+. Some creams claim to provide protection immediately, but ideally apply 15-30 minutes before they go out. Many sun-creams wash off so try to use waterproof sun cream, especially when they are playing in swimming pools, and reapply after towelling them dry.
Bullet  Even during term-time, you need to remember that children are outside at school for break and lunch times. It is worth looking at the 10 hour protection creams and putting it on the children before school. A lot of schools allow the children to take sun-creams in but they cannot apply it on the children. If you are unable to get the longer lasting cream, at least send them in with a layer of the highest protection you have.
Bullet  Encourage your children to wear a hat and cover up. Baggy cotton clothes are the most comfortable. The sun can still penetrate thin clothing, so ensure you cream them all over.
Bullet  Kids love sunglasses. Don't be tempted to buy too cheap. We all know that children easily lose and break sunglasses but cheap ones can do more harm than good.
Bullet  Use the shade as much as possible, especially for babies. Under trees, parasols and canopies make lovely areas that the children can play under.

Sun Safety For Kids

A survey recently revealed that:
Bullet  24 million (83%) of British parents don't think it's necessary to apply any sun protection to their children in the summer months before going to school.
Bullet  Over half of parents (15m or 52%) don't give their child a bottle of sun protection before they go to school during the summer.
Bullet  A staggering 19% (nearly 5.5m) of parents say their children do NOT have a shaded area at school.
Bullet  And 51% (14.5m) have no idea if their children have a shaded area at school.
Bullet  37% (10.5m) of parents surveyed buy lower than an SPF30 for their children.

Sun Safety Facts

Bullet  babies burn faster than children or adults
Bullet  you can burn in the shade from reflected light
Bullet  a wet t-shirt lets through nearly as much sun as no shirt
Bullet  don't wait till you feel hot, 10am sun burns as much as 2pm sun
Bullet  always reapply suncream after swimming even if waterproof
Bullet  apply sun cream at least every two hours
Bullet  cloudy days are dangerous if you take no precautions - a lot of UV still gets through cloud
Bullet  watch out for cool winds or water, it can make you think you are not getting burnt


Bullet  plan your trips to avoid being in the heat of the day 10-2pm
Bullet  check out if there is any shade where you are going
Bullet  have picnics in the shade and play in the shade
Bullet  enjoy the woods
Bullet  encourage dressing in hats and long sleeves
Bullet  give children regular drinks of water or fruit juice to keep them

July 2013
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