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Watching Disney Films Makes You A Nicer Person

Watching Disney Films Makes You A Nicer Person

If you're anything like me, your 'perfect day' consists of PJ's, blanket, food and a good old Disney film!

There's something so magical and uplifting about being in the world of Disney that you instantly feel like a much happier person when you're watching your favourite Disney Prince's and Princesses. 


And now a study has confirmed what we've been thinking all along! Disney films can contribute to you being a nicer human being. 

According to a recent study by a team from the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University, watching Disney films 'strongly promotes pro-social behaviour'. 

This team studied a total of 61 animated Disney Films and from the 5,128 minutes of film analysed, a total of 5,530 pro-social acts were found, amounting to an average of one act of kindness for every minute.

Harry Potter

As well as watching Disney, it has also been suggested that reading Harry Potter could also make you a better person! Winning! 

According to Mic.com, a study was taken place comprising of three stages. The first was a six-week course on Harry Potter taken by 34 Italian school kids.

The research started by having the students fill out a questionnaire on immigrants. They were then split into two groups which read specially selected passages from the series.

The first group discussed prejudice and bigotry as themes in the books, while the second group did not. The students from the group showed "improved attitudes towards immigrants," but only if they identified with Harry Potter. 

The second study then looked at 117 high school students and found that those who had an emotional identification with Harry Potter had more positive views on the LGBT community. 

The third study surveyed University students from the UK and found no association between an emotional bond with Harry Potter and perceptions of refugees. However, it did indicate that students who had less of an emotional attachment with Voldemort had "improved attitudes towards refugees."

In conclusion, the research found that reading Harry Potter had a positive impact on people and their perceptions of others. 

We'll be watching more of Disney and Harry Potter from now on!  


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