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Laura Loves…Ollie & Leila Bean Bags

Ollie & Leila Bean Bag
For a focal piece in any youngster’s bedroom, Ollie & Leila is a great online retailer that easily brings a bedroom to life with lots of furniture and accessories that are not only stylish but super practical.

They have a website brimming with fun and thoughtful pieces from beds, storage solutions and lots of soft furnishings. 

There pieces are guaranteed to have you turning all 'Sarah Beeny' as you start to conjure up something of a 60 second makeover in your mind.

We got the chance to take our pick of one of their bean bags recently and I picked a blue Mini B bean bag as I thought it would be a great addition to Noah’s room where he could curl up, relax and browse a book or play on his tablet.

When it arrived it was huge! (I cannot imagine how big the Mighty-B bean bag is!)

It’s made of a special stretchable fabric that’s thick and robust so I’m pleased to report that we haven’t had any bursting yet, even though the kids are constantly climbing all over it.

The nice thing is that it’s heavy duty enough to be used outdoors as well.

I wouldn’t give it another thought about setting it up in the garden for a curl up in the summer sun.

The material is also waterproof which makes it easy to clean and ideal for wiping away sticky finger marks and any spillages; which always makes me a little more relaxed when spending money on something I want to stay nice for the kids.

I did wonder how comfortable it would be as water resistance can often mean it can be stiff to touch and sticky if you get warm.

However, it’s a breathable material that, along with the beans, naturally moulds to your shape so you get a comfortable seating position that is fully supportive and somehow manages to retain it’s original shape after toddlers have tried to destroy it.

There’s no scratchy/itchy seams either which is a big bonus.

I even managed to squeeze my big bum in for a try and found it quite comfortable as you naturally scoop out a comfort level within the bucket seta.

However, it was my three little testers cuddling up together that let me know it’s a great fixture within the home.

It’s not too heavy for the kids to drag about and we’ve had plenty of that as they have become quite attached to it!

I’m always finding it between bedrooms and even in front of the TV.

All of Ollie & Leila’s bean bags are available in over ten different bright colours.

You’re bound to find something that fits within your room’s décor and colour scheme, and if you can’t then it’s a great statement piece.

The Mini B Bean Bag is priced £59.99 from Ollie & Leila. Visit www.ollieandleila.co.uk/bean-bags to view the full range.


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