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Making The Most Out Of Your Child's Room

Making The Most Out Of Your Child's Room
Creating a bedroom that not only pleases the taste of your child but also stores all the various accoutrements that accompany them can be a difficult task, especially when space is at a premium.

But fear not, there is a happy compromise!

Sensible Storage

The main hurdle to getting your child's room looking tip-top is de-cluttering.

That advice is all very well but if you haven't got anywhere to put the clutter you just end up moving piles of toys from the middle of the room to the side of the room and the space still looks pretty much the same, albeit with a nice view of the rug!

The key is storage, storage and more storage!

Boxes are a good place to start and these can come in a variety of designs and styles.

Clear stacking boxes can hold a huge number of things, from toys to clothes and they stack on top of each other taking up minimum floor space.

Or if you want to get a bit creative why not try your hand at up-cycling.

Find an old tea chest or wooden box, sand it down and repaint it (perhaps to match the colour of the walls) and you have created your very own toy chest.

You can personalise it with stencils or stickers of your child's name.

If you want to go completely Kirstie Allsopp then make your own cushions to go on top of the lid so you not only have a toy box but also a seat for your little one (please ensure that the box is strong enough to hold your child's weight).

Maximise Space

Space in your child's room can be pretty tight, especially if you have two or more siblings sharing.

If that is the case then cramming in beds, wardrobes and chest of drawers can feel like an episode of The Cube.

A good way to get around this puzzle can be in the choice of bed.

If you have two children sharing, then bunk beds are a great way of ensuring your little ones have their own bed but not too much room is taken over.

Alternatively, cabin beds are another brilliant space saving solution.

They are built high off the ground so the space underneath can be utilised for either; more storage, desks or tents (so your child can have their very own built-in den).

For more bed ideas take a look at the children's beds from Room To Grow.


If space isn't such a problem then creating a separate play-area in the bedroom is a great idea.

The room then has two separate areas, one for 'play' and one for 'sleep'.

You can define these by where you place the furniture and accessories.

For example, the 'sleep' area has the bed, chest of drawers and night-light, whilst the 'play' area has the toy chest, bean bags and play-mat.

This means that your child can let loose in the 'play area', pour all the contents of their toy box on the floor and go wild without disturbing the calming 'sleep' area on the other side of the room.


Allowing your child to have input in the design of their room is key.

Of course, their enthusiasm may need to be tempered slightly.

For example they may want to cover their whole bedroom in Iggle Piggle wallpaper, and who doesn't love him? 

But whilst that is flavour of the month at the moment, you know that in a short space of time their love for all things In The Night Garden might have waned somewhat and you may be left back at square one; steaming, stripping and redesigning their bedroom again.

However, letting your child express their creativity is wonderful.

If you are unsure about letting them loose on the entire room then give them a project.

Perhaps they can design one wall, either by picking the wallpaper/paints or just give them colouring pens and allow them to doodle to their hearts content.

This gives them a sense of independence, something that all little people are desperate for, and if Iggle Piggle does lose his sheen, then a smaller space is easily changed with a quick lick of paint.



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