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Laura Loves…Bobux Boots

Bobux Boots
When it’s that time of year when the weather changes, and we slowly give in to the cooler wet weather, it’s usually time to switch over the wardrobes and then start panicking about winter footwear.

Shoes are a really important element of my children’s clothing to me.

Of course I care about soft, comfortable and appropriate clothing, but shoes are so instrumental in helping to develop and support little feet that it’s one area I just never care to scrimp on.

So back to my panic on the winter front and realising my two girls both have nothing suitable that doesn’t expose their feet, I decided to look up Bobux to see what they have in the shape of boots.


We have had Bobux sandals for a couple of years, but never their boots.

The first thing I noticed browsing through the website was the wide range of style of boots – really classy designs with intricate detailing all available in some really vibrant colours.

Brown and black tend to be your typical colour palette when it comes to a winter boot but I loved the silvers, pinks, greens and so.

Perfect for brightening up a dull outfit or adding a little life to a grey day.

I chose toddling Marley a pair of the Rule Midnight Gloss, and my ever-growing Grace a pair of Sway Bordeaux boots.

Similar to previous service, I ordered one day and they were delivered to my house the very next – any issues with incorrect sizing can be simply rectified with a swift returns process.

So onto the shoes (yay!) The Sway Bordeaux are a brilliant design featuring leather buckle straps that cross over the boot to give it a little extra style.

The sole of the boot is two toned with a tan/pink contrast so it adds a little more finesse to the overall design.

I really like the design featuring smooth lines and premium quality leather that truly make them a classy boot.

Grace loved the pink colour – it’s not too bright and garish but a nice deep pink that will make them more of a statement piece with a nice chunky knit.

Practicality wise, they don’t have the deepest grooves which concerned me, especially with ice and snow climates, but having done some research, the grooves are actually aligned in a hexagonal pattern that works more synonymously with the feet and motion of walking for a better grip.

We have had them a few weeks now and they wear really well despite some recent very wet weather conditions.

This gives me plenty of assurance that they’ll be a great asset to take us through the next few months and beyond.

For Marley, as she has so many bright and colourful clothing, I really wanted a boot that would work with all her outfits so after much deliberation back and forth over the wide choice (and it was a LOT of deliberation!).

I resorted to the Rule Midnight Gloss, a suede/leather gloss combo boot in a chic black.


Marley has been walking for six months so still has the odd tumble, especially when walking at speed!

These are perfect for her feet, as a pair of their carefully crafted i-Walk footwear (15 months to five years) that all have a flexible sole, lightweight textiles and just fab quality as standard.

When they arrived, I loved the look of them – possibly a smarter boot than I initially thought but that’s not a bad thing.

The distinction between the leather gloss and suede gives them definition, especially on a typical ‘black boot’.

The strap with flower charm detail makes them a little extra special so I think I’ll be keeping them back for more prominent outings and pairing them with party dresses and occasional wear.

For more information on Bobux’s winter boots and range of children’s footwear, visit www.bobux.co.uk




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