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Choosing Beds For Your Children

Choosing Beds For Your Children
There are many factors to consider when deciding on a bed for your child(ren). Are they sharing a room? Do they have a small space?

From brilliant bunks to cool cabin beds, the fantastic range of kid's beds is unlimited. Whatever your child's needs and wishes, there will be a bed out there with your child's name on it.

Whether they require extra storage space, a pull-out bed for their sleepovers or a desk for their homework, the perfect bed is certainly out there.

Single Beds

The classic single is a timeless piece for a child's bedroom. Invest in a well-made single bed that will last an entire childhood.

Beautifully crafted solid pine frames will not cave in to scratches, bumps and general wear and tear; stable single beds are here to stay.

The only reason you may need to replace a single bed is if you opt for a theme such as a car bed or a princess bed, in which case your child might outgrow this youthful theme.

To avoid this problem, think simple designs in subtle colours.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are the key to room sharing.

Rather than buying twin beds for your children (which take up twice as much space) go for bunk beds to maximise space. 

Kids love the novelty of bunk beds; they provide great fun. Children love the idea of sleeping above or below their sibling; it feels more like a sleepover!

Kids can climb in to each other's beds and enjoy bedtime reading and quality time together before the lights go out.

When the children are older, you can easily separate the bunks to make twin beds rather than forking out on new beds; bunk beds are a winner!

Mid Sleepers

The mid sleeper is the perfect all-round option.

With built in features including desks, drawers and shelves, the mid sleeper provides a work, sleep and play area in one confined space – perfect for small bedrooms.

Children's rooms will become clutter free as they will be more inclined to make the most of the special features that their bed offers, tidying away games and toys in to their designated homes.

Stylish and effective, the mid sleeper is a fantastic bed choice for your child.

Sleepover Trundles

Whilst these clever creations don't stand as beds on their own, they are perfect for a child that has regular sleepovers.

With sleepover trundles, gone are the days of topping and tailing in a single bed.

Available as a lift up (boosts up to the same level as the bed) or a regular trundle that lies on the floor; these brilliant solutions do not take up any extra space when not in use.

Stow these convenient solutions away neatly under a bed, out of sight.

So there you have it, four fantastic beds for kids. Which one will you go for?

All the information has been kindly provided by ASPACE who are a leading UK retailer of quality children's furniture.

For an extensive range of stylish children's beds visit ASPACE.

January 2014

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