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Bumbo Multi Seat... What did we think?

Bumbo Multi Seat... What did we think?

What is the Bumbo Multi Seat?

In a nut shell, the Multi Seat is a three stage seat for babies who can support their neck and back unaided in a seated position. 

It has adjustable height settings and a removable foam pad which enables it to grow with your child. Suitable from about 6 month to 3 years. 

This is a feature which is invaluable to parents - we all know how fast babies grow up!

All-in-all, when the Bumbo arrived I was really impressed.

Not only does it look and feel like really good quality, it's interesting and fun.

It looks like the manufacturer really has covered all the bases and the design looks fantastic! 

Here's a breakdown for you:

This seat has some great features and if you look on the Bumbo site, then you will see other items that it's compatible with, such as the suction toys and the stages safari. 

The Bumbo tray fits nicely and securely into the back of the seat and it unclips and clips into place in the front of the seat as and when you need to use it. 

If you want to use it on a chair rather than the floor, there are extendable straps on the sides of the Bumbo multi seat which can be used to attach it to the chair.

There are also seat belt straps to secure your little one in place. 

In the image above you will be able to see the booster function.

The base actually removes from the seat and if you twist it around ,then it adds the booster section for you.

It's also a handy storage space for the foam insert when it is not needed. 

This is a very easy to use, wipe-clean, versatile seat. It will be a family favourite from sitting up until it's been outgrown!

One of my favourite features is how neat and tidy it is, with all straps going back into the main seat and the foam can be stored away too.

So handy and easy to use!

We are very impressed with what we have seen from this item and the Bumbo brand and we hope that you have found this review useful. 

For more info or to buy the Bumbo, click HERE


** This seat is not designed for prolonged use, and your child must be accompanied at all times **



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