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The Perfect Solution to Hair Washing Battles

The Perfect Solution to Hair Washing Battles
Inspired by new research into the habits and hurdles of hair-washing, Professor Scrubbington's is adding a new Magically Foaming 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner to its range of marvelous soapy solutions.

The newest addition to the range, which is available in stores now, has a special cap that dispenses the exact amount of expanding foam easily with one hand, ready to scrub and smooth little locks.

No need for that dreaded double dousing that children hate. Just wash hair once and then get on with making 'soapy missiles' from the special gravity defying foam. 

A wondrous proposition in children's toiletries, the Professor Scrubbington's range is tailored specifically to meet the needs of young kids who want to take charge of their own ablutions (otherwise known as washing your bits!).

Carefully designed to empower children to wash themselves in a fun, simple and effective way, the range includes a Hair & Body wash, Bubble Bath, Hand & Face wash and a deodorant. 

You can trust Professor Scrubbington to entice even the most accomplished soap dodgers into the shower, and ensuring that bath-time will be hassle-free!

Professor Scrubbington's believes passionately in nurturing through nature and aims to empower aspiring young adventurers to perfect the art of cleaning themselves independently.

Unruly locks, sticky chops and nasty whiffs are a thing of the past, Scrubbliness is superlative!  

Each concoction is 'magically foaming', odour neutralising and designed for children in an 'easy squeeze' bottle with a fresh scent.

Bath-time will no longer seem like a chore to your kids, but rather a fun-filled experience.

Containing 98% natural ingredients, the range contains no nasties and provides effective cleaning that is kind to your child's skin and the planet (minimum 98% natural, paraben and SLS free).  

The range is available to buy from selected Boots and Waitrose stores and from Ocado, Amazon, or directly via www.scrubbingtons.com



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