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NEW JOHNSONS Kids haircare ranges help parents tackle kids delicate hair

JOHNSONS Kids haircare range

Did you know kid's hair is thinner than adult's hair and doesn't fully mature until they are in their teens? Children's hair contains less melanin than adults and lacks a central core, making the strands more transparent and prone to breakages, not to mention pesky knots and tangles, which is why JOHNSON'S has launched a new mild hypoallergenic Kids' haircare range developed especially for the delicate nature of their hair.

Whether they're a superhero, doctor or pirate for the day, a child's imagination knows no bounds as they develop and grow. To help parents style their little one's pop-star inspired do, or de-tangle their mane after a day of den-building, JOHNSON'S gentle and effective Kids Haircare products with unique NO MORE TEARS formulas, are specially developed for children's delicate hair.

NEW JOHNSON'S Shiny Drops for enriched shine, and silky soft hair! (from RRP £2.49 to £3.49*) The heavenly scented JOHNSON'S Shiny Drops range leaves children's hair looking silky soft, shiny and full of life by using gentle and mild ingredients that are kind to little heads. Containing a drop of argan oil and a touch of silk proteins, JOHNSON'S Shiny Drops boosts hair's natural shine and leaves hair looking silky smooth and healthy.

The unique NO MORE TEARS formulas are as gentle to the eyes as pure water. For enhanced shine and hair that is velvety soft to the touch, wash your child's hair regularly with JOHNSON'S Shiny Drops Kids Shampoo, followed by JOHNSON'S Shiny Drops Kids Conditioner, before spraying hair with JOHNSON'S Shiny Drops Kids Conditioner Spray. With their hair smoothly styled, your little ones can return to their imaginative adventures - whether that's becoming a princess, playing doctors and nurses, or doing cartwheels in the garden whatever makes them happy!   JOHNSON'S NO MORE TANGLES for easy combing! (from RRP £2.49 to £3.49*) After an action-packed day rolling in the grass and splashing in puddles, a child's growing hair can easily become tangled. JOHNSON'S NO MORE TANGLES helps unlock knots and tangles to make combing easier, even on long or curly hair.

Enriched with gentle conditioners, and with their unique NO MORE TEARS formulas, JOHNSON'S NO MORE TANGLES helps parents de-tangle a fun-packed head of hair, leaving it super soft and squeaky clean. Maxime Buffat, Johnson & Johnson Hair and Skincare Specialist, says As your little ones' imaginations grow, their hair changes too, with their wispy strands becoming thicker and stronger in time. Their hair remains much finer than adults' and is more transparent, so it looks and feels softer, requiring delicate care. It's important to care for children's hair as you would their skin, using products specially developed for their age range and formulated to be gentle and mild for their hair.


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