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Laura Loves Red Castles Cocoonababy Ergonomic Sleep Positioner

Laura Loves Red Castles Cocoonababy Ergonomic Sleep Positioner

Nothing will ever replace the comfort your baby had in the womb.

However, here on the outside when your baby will spend the majority of those early days sleeping, it's really important to choose a sleep environment that will support your baby and promote good sleep which is where Red Castle's new product comes in to help.

You may be aware of their larger Cocoonababy mattress, but this smaller cocoon is a fantastic sleep choice for premmie babies right up to around four months of age.

What is so special about it is that is has been carefully crafted to ensure that the ergonomics provide a lot of benefit to newborns.

The focus is firmly on good sleep, which basically means the quality of your baby's sleep, which is essential for development, alongside the length of their sleep.

To do this the Ergonomic Sleep Positioner has been designed with the best bits from the Cocoonababy, but also some additions to target newborn conditions such as flat head syndrome and the Moro (startle) reflex.

It's a small, soft structure that you can choose to lie within a cot (or similar), and I really like it for it's mobility in that you can easily move it around the house.

Unlike a Moses basket and stand, its can free stand on the floor on its own which makes it ideal for those early days at home when you want to keep baby close and in sight while they snooze.

My first plus point goes to the shape and overall structure, this for me is like a big arm that not only secures baby in position but I think it goes some way in providing a comfort for babies that just love to feel snuggled and held as mine always have.

Aside for the super snuggling, it also reduces twitching and makes for a more comfortable nap.

The Ergonomic Positioner also helps baby to stay in the safest possible position during sleep, as they just aren't strong enough to lift their bodies out of the cocoon to lie in any other position.

The slight angling limits reflux and common gastric issues, which can be a hard thing to do safely if you're trying to do it yourself within a cot setting if your baby is developing or showing symptoms.

Practicality wise, it features a soft washable cover in case of any 'emergency' requirements and the case it comes in makes it handy for taking out and about so the odd night away won't affect your sleep set up.

This is a nice addition to the Cocoonababy family; it provides some much-needed comfort to new parents but also has a lot of really beneficial features for a newborn baby.

The Ergonomic Sleep Positioner is priced £65 and available from John Lewis, Jojo Maman Bebe and independent stores.



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