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Is keeping a diary the secret to combatting childhood eczema?

Is keeping a diary the secret to combatting  childhood eczema?


  •  To mark National Eczema Week (16 – 24 September), emollient experts Epaderm® Junior launch the ‘Eczema Tracker’
  • The new diary, to help parents monitor their child’s skin, is based on research findings of a year-long study of 200 parents1
  • 60% of parents reported that tracking skin appearance, eczema treatments and triggers improved their child's eczema1


London [16 September 2017] – A first-of-its-kind study, which followed a cohort of 200 parents over the course of 12 months, found that when tracking their child’s eczema on a regular basis the majority (60%) of parents reported an improvement in their child’s skin condition. Nearly all (89%) of parents participating in Epaderm Junior’s ‘Eczema Tracker’ study are now more confident in managing their child’s skin condition as a direct result of the tracker and 99% would recommend use of the tracker to other parents.1

This National Eczema Week (16-24 September) an ‘Eczema Tracker’, based on the research findings, is available for parents to download from www.epaderm.com/blog/eczema-tracker. The Epaderm Junior ‘Eczema Tracker’ supports parents in monitoring treatment routines, noting flare-up triggers and any changes to their child’s skin over time, recording progress ‘diary style’.

Triggers identified by parents involved in the study include weather changes, with over 3/4 of parents (78%) seeing a link between colder weather and drier, itchy and sore skin1, and over time, many parents made changes to avoid these triggers.  For almost all parents (94%) this included checking ingredients in emollients to avoid triggers like perfume and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) that can also cause irritation.2 

“This study clearly demonstrates the benefits of parents tracking their child’s eczema over time, allowing for a greater understanding of what triggers their child’s eczema flare ups, as well as identifying the most effective treatment routine for their child” comments Karen Pett, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Paediatric Dermatology at West Hertfordshire NHS Trust, “I would encourage all parents of children with eczema to consider keeping a diary and share this with their doctor or dermatologist at their next visit”.

The tracker can be downloaded at www.epaderm.com/blog/eczema-tracker.


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