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organic baby food guide

Organic Baby Food Guide

There are many organic baby food brands selling their products in the UK. Here is short guide to the ones we are familiar with.


Organix promote their 'no junk promise'. Their food is always organic, contains nothing unnecessary and tastes great! They mainly offer healthy snacks such as carrot pugs, apple rice cakes, oats bars and other fruit and vegetable based ideas.

Ella's Kitchen

This is a well-known brand in the UK. For children aged 6 months and over, they have a good range of textured meals such as spaghetti and meat sauce and chicken and rice casserole. They also have some fruit and veg combinations which come in a smoothie pouch such as apples, green beans and raisins. For children aged 1 year and over they have toddler snacks and smoothies which have always proved popular with my children. They have also started selling lunchbox drinks for slightly older children.

Plum Organics

Plum Organics sell a formula that is made with organic non-fat cows milk. The cows are fed organic grain and hay that are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. They also have baby bowls which attempt to move away from the old tradition of spoon-feeding babies into the modern age. As you would expect, there are fruit and vegetable based blends and smoothies for when you start introducing solids.


In addition to their formula milk, Hipp offer organic food that comes in pouches, jars, fruit pots, tray meals, cereals and drinks. They also cater for more specific dietary requirements such as no soya, wheat, egg, gluten, lactose or peanut options.

My Little Piccolo

This brand sell everything in pouches but they have a wide range of adventurous flavours such as apple & apricot, banana, blueberry and apple, mango, pear and kale! Piccolo ingredients are planted and nurtured in independent family farms from across the Mediterranean.


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