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Healthy Snacking For Little Ones

Healthy Snacking For Little Ones

Trying to find healthy snacks for you and your little ones when you're on the go, can be a bit of a nightmare.

Most shops just stock the standard chocolate and crisps option, which aren't exactly a healthy choice (as much as we would like them to be!). We've taken advice from the Claudi and Fin founders and put together some healthy snack options for you, that will not only fill you up, but are delicious as well! The homemade options take a bit of prep time, but you can enjoy making these ones with your kids as they're super easy. We have also given
Energy Bites
you some supermarket options for those frantic days, when you don't have time to make anything.

Energy Bites

Mum's Meriel and Lucy behind Claudi and Fin dub these as the ultimate snack! They taste amazing and are so easy to make. You can also really play around with the ingredients to create your own recipe. Just throw the ingredients into a food processor, whizz it up, roll them into balls and stick them in the fridge. You can also make a big batch and keep them in the freezer, and the plus side is you know exactly what has gone into them.

After much practice in the kitchen, the yummy mummies love these Raw Chocolate and Maca Balls by Madeleine Shaw, which taste super indulgent but are actually really good for you, hooray!


Smoothies are such an easy way to give you and your little ones all the nutrients you need in one simple drink, and are much healthier than the nasty sugary drinks available on the shelves!
If you want to go down this route, Nutri-bullets are really quick and easy and come with sealable cup, which allows you to just blend and go.

There are so many different recipes you can try and the great thing is you can pretty much put anything you like in them. Just follow these golden rules to make sure you are getting the right balance. You don't want to overload it with fruit! Although natural sugars are better for you, too much can lead your body to crash, so they need balancing to make them a nutritious smoothie.

Here are some rules to follow when making your own smoothies:

1. Choose a base (almond milk, water, coconut water)
2. Add 50% fruit as many varieties as possible (bananas, berries etc)
3. Add 50% vegetable (spinach, kale, avocados are a great choice)
4. Add a boost such as a handful of nuts, seeds or goji berries to pack in some essential fatty acids! Boosts make for a more nutritious and filling smoothie.

Pinterest is great place to look for inspiration! If you're out and about try a Savse smoothie and Ella's Kitchen which are 100% natural.


These are another great snack that you can put in your handbag and a real favourite of the Claudi and Fin founders! They are really easy to make, as again you just throw everything in a food processor, and pop them in the oven. Now your standard flapjack recipe isn't actually that nutritious as it contains a fair amount of sugar. We have therefore chosen another Madeleine Shaw recipe which is screaming healthy and grain and gluten free. It's also packed with
almond butter
lots of vitamins for healthy skin and magnesium to soothe the nerves, which is a bonus if you happen to have a wilful toddler at home!

If you don't have time to make them, try a Trek bar instead, they're gluten and dairy free and packed full of protein; completely guilt free!

Almond Butter

This is Meriel's favourite ingredient, which is so yummy we can't quite believe it's actually good for you! Spread it on toast, put it in a smoothie or have it with slices of apple - it's really great on everything and the little ones will love it. It's also packed with vitamin E and iron to help protect against free radicals and magnesium to support your nervous system.

You can get a handy on the go squeeze pack from Pip and Nut that you can put in lunchboxes or have when you're out and about.

Banana Bread

This has to be the easiest bread to make ever says Meriel! Even if you think you can't cook, she guarantees you can make this. It follows their no fuss approach and again you just throw all the ingredients in and pop it in the oven. The recipe
banana bread
they love is by Hemsley and Hemsley, as it has no sugar or flour, but doesn't compromise on taste. It contains almonds which are full of Vitamin E and magnesium, and Omega-3-rich flaxseeds.

If you run out of time to do make this, then try a Nakd banana bar instead for a quick fix.


As mums, they understand how important nutrition is for your family. They therefore launched Claudi and Fin because they couldn't find any lollies they were happy to give our own
Claudi and Fin lollies
children – everything on the shelves had complicated ingredients and LOTS of sugar.

Here's a lovely recipe for Strawberry Greek Frozen Yoghurt that you can make at home, or why not buy a box straight out the freezer from most freezer departments nationwide.

So there we have it. These are just a few of our favourite on the go snacks that are great for the whole family. We understand that it's not always possible to make everything from scratch, so don't beat yourself up if you don't have time. Just make sure you're stocked up with lots of healthy alternatives to keep your tots happy.


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