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Do You Know Your Onions?

Do You Know Your Onions?

The new year is upon us, and we have all over-indulged a little over the Christmas period.

As we start looking forward to the year ahead, eating healthier is something that is definitely on our minds, especially for our kids!

AO.com have come to the rescue and created an infographic to help us! AO.com recently conducted a study and the results showed the UK's vegetable knowledge was seriously lacking, and that people also wished they knew more about what to do with vegetables.

The infographic below looks into a few weird and wonderful vegetables available to us, that we might not have thought of using before, but have amazing health benefits! It also suggests different ways to cook and prepare them so we can get the most out of them, and also make them taste delicious!

Weird and Wonderful Vegetables
Provided by Ao.com



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