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Can You Spot Why Teachers Thought This Lunchbox Was Too Unhealthy For A Little Boy To Eat?

Can You Spot Why Teachers Thought This Lunchbox Was Too Unhealthy For A Little Boy To Eat?

Laura Lee shared a photo of the lunchbox online along with the ridiculous reason it was disapproved of by the school. She was furious when a school deemed her child's lunchbox "too unhealthy" - despite it being packed with nutritious food. Meal time assistants found the food unacceptable, but the baffled mother couldn't see why.

This lunchbox was considered 'too unhealthy' - can you see why?

It turned out the problem was with the three mini cookies included in the box, The Mirror reports. Mum Laura Lee said that staff at the school stopped her son from eating the chocolate chip biscuits.

She posted a picture of the offending meal on Facebook in a comment thread where teachers had shared stories about the worst school lunches they had seen. Teachers had seen everything from kids only turning up with Red Bull and Monster Munch to cold McDonald's leftovers.

Teachers share lunchbox nightmares

Teachers have shared their stories of the worst lunches they've seen kids turn up at school with.

One said that a child went off to school in Manchester with a can of Dark Fruit cider which he grabbed from the fridge thinking it was a soft drink. Another teacher said a primary school pupil in Halifax, West Yorks packed a pork pie and a can of shandy because "that's all there was in the fridge". A child with no packed meal or lunch money said he'd used cereal on his breakfast because "mum needed the milk for her coffee".

In Leeds, a teacher said a student only had a packet of ginger biscuits because his mum was "too tired" to go to the shops and the same teacher grilled a parent over their child arriving at school with a can of Red Bull. The mother of that child said her son had been playing Xbox lat at night and looked "like he needed a pick-me-up".

One kid in Birmingham arrived at school with a cold McDonalds Happy Meal after the pupil's gran didn't want the food to "go to waste" when it had been bought the day before.

But Laura said of her lunchbox: "I thought it was pretty balanced - evidently not."

Others replied to Laura's lunchbox story and were outraged at the assistants' decision. Susan McGowan wrote: "Absolute rubbish that he wasn't allowed to get those small cookies. Everything in moderation surely."

Laura Lee posted a picture of her son's 'unhealthy' lunch on Facebook

People were quick to share their support with Laura over the lunchbox fiasco

Martin Harry said: "I would kick the f*** off big time! Food is taken off a child and made to be hungry rather than the child eating. Since when was that healthy."

Some people thought that the blame lay higher up the school's food chain. Stephanie Hughes commented: "I would be requesting a 'lunch date' with the headmaster asking him to provide a proper packed lunch as a way of example!"

Wayne Sharrocks spoke up in defence of sugar to keep kids well-behaved and it wasn't just parents that criticised the school.

Wayne Sharrocks, a nursery practitioner, said: "This looks perfect to me! Some settings are quite militant with the healthy packed lunches, and it sounds like your son's setting is one of those places! Children need a bit of sugar in their diet!"



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