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Aldi launches Gluten Free range 30% cheaper than other supermarkets

Aldi launches Gluten Free range 30% cheaper than other supermarkets

Having just read this article in the Telegraph, we just had to share it. Here you are:

Coventrians suffering from gluten intolerances are often left exasperated as they find gluten free options more expensive than their counterparts.

However, that soon looks set to end as Aldi will be releasing its own gluten free range - and it’s set to cost 30% less than more expensive rivals. The popularity of Aldi has soared in recent years as shoppers have started to look for a cheaper alternative to other supermarket giants. Gluten free fans will be delighted to hear the selection will contain gluten free pastas.

All priced at £1.69, customers will be able to choose from a wide selection including red lentil penne and green pea fusilli pasta.











Included in the gluten free grub are Indian curry kits (£1.99), gluten free chocolate brownies (£1.59) and quinoa bars (£1.69 for four), the Daily Mirror reports. There's also a big range of gluten free pastas including 100% organic buckwheat pasta, red lentil penne pasta and green pea fusilli pasta, all £1.69.

Many other supermarkets such as Sainsbury's and Waitrose also boast gluten free ranges of their own, but the prices do seem to vary quite significantly.









For example, Waitrose's red lentil pasta will set you back £1.99 - 15% more expensive that at Aldi, while the Perkier Quinoa bars from Asda cost £1.80 for a box of three - 30% pricier than Aldi's four pack offering.

 Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi UK has said: "Whether it’s out of choice or out of necessity, buying and eating gluten-free foods shouldn’t come at an increased cost to families.

"With the ever-changing dietary needs of our customers, it’s our ambition to always meet those needs with a full range of products, at unbeatable prices."










For fans of oriental cooking, Aldi’s selection also includes an Indian curry kits at £1.99.

Additionally, four quinoa bars will be £1.69 whilst those with a sweet tooth will be excited to hear that gluten free chocolate brownies will be only £1.59.

However, as Aldi doesn’t have an online store, you’ll have to be there in plenty of time to fight your way to the specials buys section.


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