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Half of British mums and dads have ‘given up’ trying to get their kids to eat their ‘five-a-day’

A poll of 2,000 parents of children up to age 10, also found 41 per cent have  abandoned attempting to  get greens into kids’ diets because they are more concerned about ensuring they eat full stop. …

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Author of Fussy Eater Shares Advice To Cure Picky Children

Most parents will know the pain of trying and failing to get a fussy child to eat their food - particularly when it comes to fruit and vegetables. But now a blogger-turned-cookbook author has shared h…

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Organic Baby Food Guide

There are many organic baby food brands selling their products in the UK. Here is short guide to the ones we are familiar with. Organix Organix promote their 'no junk promise'. Their food is always or…

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Mum explains why her children eat dinner at 3pm every day - and it's had really positive results

She's been doing it for a few months now and says she'll never go back In many homes dinner time can be extremely stressful. Parents are desperately trying to get everyone to sit down together to bond…

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Truth About Best Before and Expiration Dates on Food

Many people believe that the dates printed on most food items are an indication of food safety, discarding food items as soon as the period has elapsed. According to a UK waste and recycling advisory …

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Fun food tips and activities from fussy food expert Lucy Thomas

As you and your baby grow more confident with introducing first foods, you can have lots of fun trying all sorts of different shapes, textures and tastes.  Exploring, playing and getting hands on help…

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Aldi launches Gluten Free range 30% cheaper than other supermarkets

Having just read this article in the Telegraph, we just had to share it. Here you are: Coventrians suffering from gluten intolerances are often left exasperated as they find gluten free options more e…

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Brain Foods

  The brain is truly amazing and although we don’t know all its secrets yet, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that what we feed our children has a direct impact on their well-being, health and …

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Give your kids at least 2 portions of oily fish a week

  Fewer than one in 10 children in the UK are eating enough fish to meet health guidelines and worse still, a staggering 87% of youngsters do not eat oily fish, according to new study data just out. …

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Easy ways to get your kids to eat their ‘2 a week’

Getting your kids to eat their recommended two-a-week isn’t as difficult as you might think Fish can make an important contribution to a healthy, balanced diet, so is a great choice for all the family…

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Tis' the Season to Stay Healthy

Delicious inspiration from Tess Ward, in partnership with Panasonic's small kitchen appliance range .......With Christmas around the corner and the party season upon us, ensuring the family can enjoy …

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The Sneaky Ways to Get Fruit and Vegetables Into your Child's Diet

Are you one of those people who lovingly creates meals for your child only to find they end up on the floor? If you are, we have teamed up with mums Meriel and Lucy from Claudi & Fin to come up wi…

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Healthy Snacking For Little Ones

Trying to find healthy snacks for you and your little ones when you're on the go, can be a bit of a nightmare.Most shops just stock the standard chocolate and crisps option, which aren't exactly a hea…

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Celebrate National Breakfast Week with Organix

Shake up breakfast time with Organix cereals and recipes to celebrate National Breakfast Week (24th – 30th January).Dr Frankie Phillips, Nutrition Adviser to Organix, shares her reasons why eating br…

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Do You Know Your Onions?

The new year is upon us, and we have all over-indulged a little over the Christmas period. As we start looking forward to the year ahead, eating healthier is something that is definitely on our minds,…

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Welsh Cakes and Flapjacks

The Best Welsh Cake Recipe Ever!Whenever someone in our house makes these scrummy, yummy Welsh Cakes, no sooner are they made than they're all gone! The best way to eat them is nice and warm, straigh…

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Some Fay Ripley Recipes

Here are a few easy-peasy healthy recipes for you to try out courtesy of actress Fay Ripley.BREAKFASTMr Hollywood Raspberry Bircher MuesliI was once a granola-only girl, stubbornly shunning this smoot…

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Sausage And Bean Casserole

Looking online for some tasty low-cost recipes for families on a budget, I found this scrummy Sausage and Bean Casserole recipe on the Slimming World site!It's a lovely comforting dish that, amazingly…

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New Guidance for Infant & Toddler Portion Control

The Infant & Toddler Forum (ITF) has updated their 1-4 years portion size guidance in line with new UK energy recommendations.The revised recommendations for energy intake in the UK are in light of ne…

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Tea-Time Meal Ideas

Here are some really great, quick and easy tea-time meal ideas for you to try out.Pea and Tuna FishcakesIngredientsRecipe serves 4500g potatoes6 spring onions, chopped25g butter3 tsp English mustard3 …

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