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It's not just Mums that have the babies. Dads are just as important to their little ones.

Is the UK creating a 'fatherhood penalty?'

The Modern Families Index suggests the UK is stifling fathers' aspirations. The UK risks creating a 'fatherhood penalty' as fathers consider stalling or side-lining their careers to find a better work…

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The Father's Survival Guide to Mothers' Day

So who doesn't struggle to find the perfect gift for their mother each and every Mother's Day? Imagine how much harder it gets when you not only have to find an original gift for your mum but also for…

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Pregnancy and Birth - The Things Men Worry About

It's not just women who need help with the labour; men need help during labour as well but are often left out for obvious reasons. Some of men's most common worries about pregnancy and having a baby a…

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Two Really Special Dadpreneurs

Recently there's been a lot of interest in Mumpreneurs – Mums inspired by the birth of their kids to set up their own businesses. But what about Dadpreneurs? With Father's Day on the horizon, we thoug…

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Top 20 Dad Phrases

Dad's best-loved phrases have been revealed - 'Do you think I'm made of money?' topped the list, followed closely by 'When I was your age' and 'He's thick as two short planks'. A poll of 2,000 adults …

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Little Tikes Milano Single Swing

Little Tikes are brilliant. I'm going to start off by saying that as I want to make it perfectly clear that the few problems we had installing one of their swings were absolutely nothing to do with th…

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