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TheBabyWebsite.com is a membership site. Because we make money from our members, we try to keep our members happy. YOU are our customer.

Websites that make money from adverts need to keep the advertisers happy, so the focus of the site changes completely.  Can you really trust their ‘recommended’ products?  Are the ‘articles’ you’ve just spent your precious time reading genuine, or are they just press releases?


We are proud to be different.

For just £9.99 per year, we offer:

1. A product testing subscription - we guarantee you will receive something to review every year. It could be anything from bibs to buggies and you get to keep the item.  Most recently, we have sent out 11 BabyBjorn baby carriers worth £120 each!

2. Downloadable content such as colouring-in pictures, fun activities and educational worksheets.

3. Advert-free experience - we know your time is precious, so we don't want you standing around waiting for a page to load because it's full of adverts.  Neither will we stretch an article out over 10 pages when 1 will do.  Have you ever wondered why the 'Top 10' articles on other sites are on 10 pages?  Every time a new page loads, another advert is served and the site makes money whilst you wait for the page to load.


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Puffin Colouring

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Baby Name Finder

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Pregnancy Week 14
At 14 weeks, your baby is about the size of a lemon

week 14

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