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TheBabyWebsite.com is a leading independent source of information on pregnancy, babies, parenting and associated products. 
The Baby Website came under new ownership in December 2016, and was relaunched in 2017 with a new design and direction.  The website is owned and operated by Dot Com Limited in the Channel Islands.  Dot Com Limited owns several other digital assets in the pregnancy/parenting niches, and regularly reach over 4 million mums in the UK every week!
We are unique in being a membership site.  This means that our income comes from members, not from advertisers.  This also means that we need to keep our members happy, not the advertisers. 


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Baby Name Finder

Baby Name Finder

Pregnancy week by week
Pregnancy Week 04
At 4 weeks, your baby is about the size of a poppyseed

week 04

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