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It's often hard to know when to start your baby on solid foods. This phase is known as Weaning and this section will help you get through the weaning process. When is a good time to wean your baby? What are the best weaning foods? Lots of your questions will be answered here.

Just Eat Your Dinner...Please…

I have always considered myself as a half-decent cook. Nothing earth-shattering or inventive, but a solid “Not Bad” in the kitchen. I can knock up a lasagne or a curry without too much brain power and…

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Nurturing Toddler Independence

That fussy eating phase might just be the start of your toddler's battle for independence.It can be challenging when toddlers start to develop their own opinion of what they like or don't like, especi…

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Are Food Packaging Claims Misleading Parents?

Mums say their children are growing up with a taste for engineered food with unnecessary additives, artificial flavours and coloursAs parents they feel misled by claims of 'natural' or 'real' on food …

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Photobox My First Photo Book

Photobox My First Photo Book

New parents know a board book is a great gift for their special new arrival. They’re fun, safe, and easy to clean in case of any unfortunate mishaps! And thanks to Photobox, you can now create and personalise your own.


The photo printing pros have just released their latest product – My First Photo Book. A little book, for their little world.


Kids love looking at family photos and now you can make them a photo book of their own. You can fill the 16 super-thick, wipe-clean pages with all the special things in baby’s world – family, friends or the family cat. And don’t forget a snap of toy Rabbit, he’s a VIP family member after all.


My First Photo Book helps you bring cherished photos to life and it’s super easy and fun to create too. Using Photobox’s simple studio tool you can quickly upload your photos, use the fab auto-fill feature, add text, and change your background colour. Perfect for busy parents jiggling a baby in a sling!


New mum and Photobox customer Clemmie Telford said:


“My kids love looking at photo books but I’m always on edge – ‘careful don’t rip the pages’ or ‘let mummy hold that’. My First Photo Book is the perfect way to preserve memories in a robust, hardwearing ‘mucky mit’ friendly form – and it’s easy and fun to make too.”


The book measures 13.7 x 13.7 cm and features safe rounded corners for little one’s hands.


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