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Which Double Buggy?

Tandem Pushchair? Twin Buggy? Double Buggy?... As seen on 'Lorraine'

Whatever you call them, a double pushchair of some kind is essential if you have twins or two babies close together. This week Lorraine Kelly asked TheBabyWebsite to recommend some twin and tandem pushchairs.

Whether you are expecting twins or have a toddler with a baby on the way, you will need to buy some kind of a travel system which is suitable to transport both. Of course two babies the same age will have different needs to a newborn with a 14 month old sibling and you will need to consider that when you are deciding which double buggy you should buy. Do you want your children to sit side by side or one behind the other? Do you want them facing you or looking out at the big wide world? What if one baby wants to sleep and one is wide awake? How heavy will the double buggy be and will it fit through shop doors....? These are all considerations for you to bear in mind when you are choosing your tandem pushchair or twin buggy.

1. Jane Powertwin Pro

(This is My Personal Recommendation)
Jane Powertwin

Ease of use

Can be used for a newborn and a toddler, two toddlers, or newborn twins. No white knuckle moments lifting a clunky piece of kit up and down the curb, the lightweight and extremely easy to manoeuvre Powertwin is not much bigger than a single buggy when collapsed.

Value for money

£465, car seat for new born £150
Worth the investment. No parent wants the ‘wonky shopping trolley' frustration whenever they leave the house. Especially if you have already had to cope with loading up more than one child before you even leave the front door!

Overall Performance

Designed to cope with terrain traditionally deemed unfit for conventional pushchairs. It has a 360° swivel front wheel with disc brake. Few parents will need to push the buggy to its limits but this genuine all-terrain vehicle can more than cope with country lanes or town centers.


With the Jane Powertwin you can look like Super Mum; coffee in one hand, negotiating pavements with ease. It fits through doorways and the sleek one in front of the other format means that sometimes passers by won't even notice you are pushing two babies…. Which means that occasionally you can get errands done quickly without having to explain your unusual set of wheels!

For me, having my babies face me was a must…

Women admire the babies, men admire the disc brakes!

Member of TheBabyWebsite Stacey Sparrow says:
'I have a Jane Powertwin and I love it! My little ones are 3 months and 2. At the moment I have him in the car-seat attachment. I never used to like tandems but I do love this one. I've always had a Jane Slalom and I guess getting the Power Twin when I had the baby made sense!'

Buy Now from Tesco Direct

2. Out 'N' About Nipper Double

Out n About Nipper

Ease of Use

At 7kg the Out n About Nipper is incredibly light and can be driven single handedly, although not the most compact tandem buggy when collapsed, the wheels pop off which makes it easier to fit into a car.

Although not rear facing, baby will be comfy, snug and laid completely flat while the toddler can sit up and can see out.

Despite being a side-by-side model the buggy passes the doorway challenge and does not lean to the heavier side.

The swivel wheel makes it very easy to manoeuvre.

Value for Money

At £329 this is a good mid range option and a good choice if you prefer a side by side model.

Overall Performance

No complaints about the actual buggy, the swivel wheel makes it easy to drive, the handle height is comfortable, but feedback on our forum is that the rain cover does not fit well. Some parents expressed concerns about the mesh, which lets sunlight and wind onto a newborn's face when in the laid back flat position.


With its seat liner, cosy toes foot muff, viewing window on the hood, great draw cord pouch on the rear of seat, wrist strap, choice of seat angles and full rain cover, the Out n About Nipper proves you can have substance AND style in a tandem.

Member of TheBabyWebsite Kerry Farrow says:
'Well I have 18 month old twins - I have the Out n About Nipper which I am a huge fan of, you do need a good pump though for tyres!'

Buy Now from John Lewis

3. iCandy Pear

iCandy Pear

Ease of use

The iCandy pear is a stylish modular travel system with over twenty practical combinations for either twins or a newborn and older child. It offers great flexibility.

The multi-mode tandem travel solution is simple - large front wheels offer great stability, the multi-position seat units easily convert into carrycots using the carrycot converter fabrics (sold separately) and two pairs of Maxi-Cosi Cabrio / Pebble infant carrier car seat adaptors (sold separately) enable you to clip on one or two infant carrier car seats (sold separately).

Value for money

£480 without all the extras
Slightly more expensive than some of the others but you have more options with this model than many other tandems so I think the price is a fair reflection of possibilities.

Overall performance

Gayle Tomlinson, a member of TheBabyWebsite, loved her icandy pear.
‘I'm not very strong so struggle to push most double pushchairs but this was fantastic. Its light to push, easy to manoeuvre even with 1 hand with 2 children in and it fits perfectly in shops. Also it folds really compact so fits in most cars. It has different attachments which means you can use it for a long time not just when the kids are big enough to hold their own heads.'


An enviable array of coloured accessories means this tandem option gives you the most scope for customization. Available in stylish black, you can add colour with a luxury fleece footmuff, fleece core seat snuggles… available in a selection of ‘flavours'; blackcurrant, redcurrant, grape, imperial and mandarin.

A black hood comes as standard.

Katy Hymas, Mum to 1 year-old twin boys Bailey and Noah

Mummy Blogger for TheBabyWebsite

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