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Teething Symptoms

Teething Symptoms

Some babies seem to sail through the whole teething phase whereas others seem to suffer terribly.

Teething pain is caused by movement in the developing jaw bone as the new teeth ease their way through your baby's gums.

Not all teeth will cause your baby discomfort and pain as some of their teeth may come through quite easily. Once the teeth have come through the gums, the discomfort normally stops.

There are several symptoms that your baby might have whilst teething. These teething symptoms are usually mild and tend to go away without the need for any treatment.

Teething Symptoms

Bullet poor appetite - your baby may not want to eat because of the pain in their gums
Bullet chewing - you may find your baby starts chewing more (it might be toys or other objects, or simply their fingers)
Bullet restlessness and irritability – the pain of teething makes lots of babies cry
Bullet disturbed sleep because of the pain
Bullet a slightly raised temperature but not a fever (a fever is a temperature of 38ºC (100.4ºF) or above)
Bullet facial rash - your baby's cheeks may appear rosy or flushed
Bullet reddened gums - the gums may be tender and swollen when you press them, and your child may rub their gums
Bullet excessive dribbling - this often causes a red rash on your baby's chin

Lots of parents and childcare experts attribute many other symptoms to teething. However, there is no research to prove that symptoms are like Diarrhoea and an upset tummy are linked in any way to teething.

Ultimately though you know your baby best. If you are at all worried and think that baby's behaviour is unusual, or that their symptoms are severe, then you should seek medical advice.

January 2012

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